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Never Miss a Workout With Home Exercise Bikes

We can all benefit from regular exercise. Daily exercise allows us to maintain a healthy weight and helps us sleep better too. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with our workout plans. That’s why exercise bikes are so great. They allow you to exercise all year round regardless of the snow, sleet, rain, or heat outdoors.

Never miss a workout with one of the affordable fitness bikes available from Abt. We have models of upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and indoor cycling bikes from brands such as Horizon Fitness, Spirit Fitness, Matrix, NordicTrack, and more. Browse available models on our website or come see us in person. You can also call an Abt fitness expert with your questions!

Step Up Your Home Workout

There are a few different styles of fitness bikes that will help you take your home workout to the next level. Upright bikes are the closest thing to a traditional bike in look and feel. They feature a seat and handlebars much like street bikes. Models feature easy-to-read displays that provide readouts of information such as speed, distance, and calories burned during the workout. Upright bikes are an affordable option but if you’re willing to spend a little more, models are available with Bluetooth capability and high-definition touchscreens.

Recumbent exercise bikes have a reclined seating position. This provides a better distribution of body weight. Recumbent bikes are good for those suffering from back issues. Front handlebar displays allow riders to choose their workout programs. Some models feature a heart-monitoring feature as well.

An indoor cycling bike is great for cyclists who are training for a race or a long bike trip. This type of fitness bike can be used to recreate the experience of vertical climbing and provide high-intensity workouts that burn a lot of calories.

If you’ve got a workout plan in mind, but aren’t sure which bike will serve you best, stop by the Abt store. Try out a few until you get a feel for which bike is the best option to help you reach your workout goals.

Having a few different resistance levels allows you to adjust your workout according to your fitness goals. The higher the pedal resistance the higher level of workout you get. Some models feature as many as two dozen resistance levels. Levels are controlled by a knob or button although some models feature a strap that is attached to the flywheel to generate more resistance as you pedal.

Features of Fitness Bikes

Some of the more popular features our customers look for in fitness bikes include built-in computers that provide various workout programs as well as stats on speed, duration, resistance levels, and RPMs. Other popular features include water bottle holders and smartphone docks. Built-in speakers allow riders to enjoy music during their workouts and some also have Bluetooth capability and built-in fans to help riders stay cool too as they pedal.

Abt has models of exercise bikes available for under $800 with some upright bikes available for around $500. It’s important to choose a bike that’s right for your size and weight. Stability is important to safety. If you have small children in the house, you’ll need to make sure they can’t injure themselves on the fitness bike. Safety features include locks and chain and flywheel covers.

Browse Abt's Selection of Exercise Bikes

Shop Abt for a fitness bike to help you develop an effective home workout routine. We have models from TRUE,Life Fitness,Pro-Form, and more. Call an Abt fitness equipment specialist today at 800-860-3577. Read our Cardio Machine Buying Guide for more information.

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