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Ice Makers at Abt

If those ancient ice-making trays aren't really fitting your household's needs any more, it's time to expand your capacity with an ice maker from Abt. These devices aren't like those plastic trays or even like the one included in your refrigerator. Those are meant to create cubes for a few people at most. But this collection of high-capacity ice makers is meant to create those frozen cubes at an astounding rate—anywhere from 12 to 100 pounds in just one day. Most refrigerators and freezers can only make around 10 pounds a day. Instead of buying bagged nuggets to supplement your less-than-full stock (and filling up valuable freezer space), invest in a machine just for cooling off your drinks, filling out your smoothies, and healing aches and pains.

Shape and Size

When it comes to picking an ice maker, keep in mind that they're not all the same. Sure, they all make frozen forms, but some shapes suit certain needs better than others. As any whiskey or scotch drinker would tell you, a little bit of frozen water brings out inherent flavor—but too much water, and it becomes diluted. Pick an ice maker that makes the best shape for your needs, whether that's spherical (slow melting and attractive), half-cube (better for blending) or nugget (a classic shape). Want to take an in-depth look at different frozen forms? Check out our Ice Maker Buying Guide to learn more.

Standard vs Clear

When it comes to the freezing process, there are two main methods these devices use to freeze water. The first method creates standard ice, the same type you could get from a refrigerator's freezer. It's formed by freezing water from the outside in by using a mold, and this method freezes any impurities found within the water. The impurities give each cube a cloudy appearance. Meanwhile, a clear ice maker freezes water with a surface that's been chilled to exactly 35°F. It runs water very slowly across this surface, forming a cube from the inside out thanks to the water's slow flow. And since it freezes at precisely 32°F (and no less), only water freezes, and none of those partial impurities. Gravity pushes those impurities away, and they're pulled out through a drain and away from your gourmet ice, leaving cubes slow-melting and tasteless. Many claim that clear (or "gourmet") cubes taste better than their traditional counterpart, though some prefer the taste of standard ice. Not sure which one is best for you? Standard ice makers tend to prioritize a high storage space and fast freezing time, while clear versions focus on taste and quality. Party hosters and those feeding a crowd will probably do well with a standard, while those more focused on a harmonious flavor from their drink might appreciate a clear freezer. For even more purity from your frozen cubes, install a water filter in your home.

Up Front or Under Counter

While all of these devices can freeze water, they don't all need heavy-duty installation or need to live beneath your counter. In fact, countertop models have become more and more popular (and they're easy to store). Perfect for low-key game nights and small gatherings, these countertop devices have a smaller output than the undercounter variety, with the ability to produce between 10-30 pounds of frozen water in a day. While that's impressive for a device the size of a toaster, keep in mind that these portable machines don't have much storage capacity (with some models lacking even a storage bucket). If you're hoping to keep a large amount of cubes on hand at all times, then a waterline-connected undercounter model is best for your lifestyle. If you're still not sure which device is best for your bridge games, game night, weekend brunches, or inevitable sports injuries, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We'll be able to help answer questions, target your needs, and find the one for you. Alternatively, swing by our store to see them out on the floor if you want to get a look at these devices in person.

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