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Over The Range Microwaves

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Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens

Sometimes known as "microhoods," over-the-range microwaves take everything beloved about the high-speed cooker to new heights. These appliances fuse the functionality of the classic countertop model with the air filtering ability of range hoods. The resulting appliance is a small-space solution that's easy to manage. Whether you're planning a full kitchen renovation or looking to replace the appliance on your own, find an over-the-range microwave for your home at Abt.

Over-the-Top Functionality

It doesn't matter if you're cooking with garlic and onions, butter and cheese, or meats and veggies—the threat of burning up your food is always a potential danger. If you do start to see smoke, opening a window or turning on a fan won't be enough to keep your home clear of toxins. Instead, flip on your appliance's filtration system. These air purifiers strip smoke, grease, and odor from the environment, then recirculate cleaned air back into your kitchen. That way, you'll be able to keep your food tasting great all while your home's air stays as clean as possible. Keep in mind that when it comes to absolute air purification, these microhoods aren't flawless (even with included filters). The gold standard in kitchen smoke removal is an overhead hood with complete ductwork. When using this method, toxins and smoke are funneled outside the home through proper channels. That being said, many homes and budgets can't accommodate a full ductwork installation. That's why these appliances work so well in kitchens of all sizes. Speaking of size, keep in mind that these over-the-range microwaves are designed to take the pressure off tiny kitchens. By removing the device from the countertop and placing it over the stove, you free up counter space for food preparation or mise en place. Use your roomy counter space to accommodate a cutting board, ingredients, serving dishes, and spices when cooking. Alternatively, keep other small appliances here like blenders and coffee makers instead.


These modern over-the-range microwaves come with smart features like sensor cooking to ensure you never eat undercooked food again. Nearly every model will come with certain features like adjustable power levels and a button for adding 30 seconds or one minute. But these appliances have only gotten smarter in recent years. Look for over-the-range microwaves that are built with convection for even more meal-prep functionality. These convection cookers feature the same heating element and fan that make classic convection ovens popular. With this mode activated, you can bake cookies, roast meats, and brown croutons—all from the same cooker.

Style at Eye Level

With one of these over the stove, your new kitchen appliance will sit at or below eye level, making it a noticeable element in your kitchen. Make sure you pick one that will pair well with your kitchen's existing style, like completing a collection of stainless steel appliances. White, black, and stainless steel look good in nearly any kitchen, though you should try and match yours with the stove beneath for a truly unified look. Hoping to keep greasy fingerprints away from your appliances? Look for devices designed to be fingerprint-resistant. These print-proof finishes make cleanup easy using only water and gentle cleansers.

Find Yours at Abt

Still not sure if an over-the-range microwave is best for your home? Check out our Microwave Buying Guide to learn about these high-speed cookers or give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577. Alternatively, visit our store and see which one you like best in person. We'll help you find the one that's best for your home. Hoping to replace your appliance on your own? Read up on the best ways to do so with our guide to replacing an over the range microwave.

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