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Food Slicers: Your At-Home Ingredient Prepper

When you hear the word "food slicer", you probably imagine yourself at the local deli, taking a number and waiting in line for someone else to cut your lunchmeats. Maybe one kid prefers this type of ham and your spouse prefers another, making for a long list of must-haves that'll leave the person next to you in line waiting for a while. Instead of going through the hassle of the grocery store deli, create your own meal-prep station at home with the help of food slicers from Abt. These small kitchen appliances might feel unnecessary at first—after all, they're not a refrigerator or a range, and everything else can pale in comparison to those necessities. But many are shocked by how versatile these contraptions can prove themselves to be. Instead of just transferring the workload of lunch preparation onto you, these machines give you ultimate control over what goes into your body in both size, shape, freshness, and nutrition.

Slicing More Than Meats

Use these devices for more than chopping up turkey breast or salami for lunchtime sandwiches—instead, get creative with your food slicer. Remember that this machine can act kind of like a knife block, with uniform cuts that will look good for any presentation. Section potatoes for chips, zucchini for ratatouille, tomatoes for classed-up BLTs, and hard cheeses for a charcuterie board. Arrange your photo-worthy meals on stylish serveware for a social media shot before digging in or packing up these bites for later. Thanks to the easy-to-use nature of food slicers, making your favorite recipes in bulk won't be hard. Opt for an electric model to make moving back and forth even easier—these devices require a little less elbow grease from you, allowing you to cut up more proteins faster than ever at high speeds. With the extra power from a built-in motor, you'll be able to section up pounds of meats at a time, perfect for making daily lunches for large families. Looking for less traditional cutters and choppers? Check out our stock of spiralizers, mandolines, and more.

The Freshness Factor

If you've been getting your lunchmeats, salads, and cheeses from a grocery store deli, you'll know that it's important to keep an eye on your pre-cut lunchmeats as the week goes by. Meats that were chopped on Sunday won't taste the same that following Friday. Instead of scratching your head and wondering whether something is safe to eat, make sure your eats are fresh as can be and buy in bulk. Your ingredients will age much slower once cut, especially when you remove factors like extra humidity and lengthy storage in plastic bags. Buy the entire turkey breast at the store and head home—you'll have fresh-tasting meals for days.

Having Trouble Finding One for You?

If you're struggling to pick out a food slicer that fits your lifestyle (or are having a hard time telling them apart) know that you're not without resources. Our experts at Abt are well-equipped thanks to years of experience with nearly every device in the kitchen, and we can help you find the best version for your lifestyle. Give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to speak with our one in person. Alternatively, do some homework and check out our Meat Slicer Buying Guide ahead of time.

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    I shopped online for a chest freezer. I found ABT's pricing more favorable than a local store. And the extended warranty longer and cheaper, too. The huge benefit of buying at ABT was their free delivery within 125 miles! Their delivery includes a GPS tracking which allowed us to track the truck on their way to our home. How neat is that?! When I called ABT's customer service to place my order I found it easy. The delivery men were professional, courteous and helpful. ABT is pretty great!
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