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Elevate your sandwiches to a new level by adding ingredients sliced freshly on a food slicer in your own kitchen. Just like the deli slicer at the grocery store, a food slicer lets you quickly and accurately cut foods to uniform thickness, for the perfect slices of meat and cheese every time. These professional food slicers can also handle fruits and veggies, but if you'd prefer something a little more simple, a mandoline slicer also makes quick work out of tomatoes and onions. Shop our selection of food slicers above, from brands like OXO and Cuisinart.

Powered food slicers are not just for the deli or grocery store, they can also be a great benefit to any busy household. Making multiple sandwiches a day for the kids' lunches? Buy lunch meats and cheeses in bulk, and cut them at home with a food slicer. You'll save money over buying prepackaged meats and can cut each ingredient to exactly the thickness you like, every time. But best of all, you'll get fresh-from-the deli slicer taste every time, instead of soggy meats that were sliced a week before and are now bland and soggy. Top off every sandwich with a crisp tomato sliced on a mandoline for a world-class, home-made sandwich.

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