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Washer and Dryer Stack Units

Save Space with a Stacked Washer-Dryer Laundry Center

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Stackable Washer and Dryer Units

Having limited space shouldn't prevent you from having a functional laundry room. The solution? Stackable washer and dryer units that sit on top of each other to maximize the vertical space in your home. They're a great solution if you have a smaller laundry room or a laundry closet that requires specific dimensions for a proper fit. For larger families, opting for two stackable units is a great way to keep up with laundry without losing too much space. While stackable washer and dryer units are often known for having smaller capacities, brands have started making large capacity options that can handle large loads of laundry while remaining relatively compact. Whether you live in an apartment, condo or house, Abt has laundry machines to maximize the space in your home.

These appliance bundles aren't just for space-saving, though; they're great for those with mobility issues as you don't have to bend over to load dirty clothes into the washing machine or pull clean ones from the dryer. Stackable washers are also front-loading; front-loading washing machines are known to use less water and energy than their top-loading counterparts. Just be sure to wipe off any residual water in the rubber gasket to avoid mold buildup. These appliances have various different features so you have plenty of options. Some use sensor technology to detect the fabrics and size of the laundry load for custom washing, while others have smart technology that make laundry day easier, whether the washer and dryer can communicate with each other or you want to control your appliances from your smartphone. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, opt for an option with allergen-targeted cycles; these stackable washer and dryer units have just as many modern features as their standalone counterparts. For energy-conscious consumers, opt for one of our ENERGY STAR® certified stackable washer and dryer units; these machines clean just as effectively as other models while using less energy and reducing energy costs.

Making Laundry Day Easier

Our selection of stackable washer and dryer bundles are made to fit every home. We offer both gas and electric options to best suit your current setup. Available in white black, and stainless steel hues, these laundry appliances can match the rest of your home's aesthetic. And with offerings from top appliance brands, your washing machine and dryer can be the same brand as the other appliances in your home. Of course, the most important feature on these units is their size as they're meant to save space in your laundry room or fit inside a closet. Luckily, these appliances are available in multiple widths and heights—just measure your space to narrow down which of these bundles is the right fit. Best of all, many brands like GE and Frigidaire have started making single units that combine a washer and a dryer instead of two separate appliances. If you have any questions about these space-saving appliances, please call our experts at 800-860-3577 or visit them at our Glenview store. We also have a washer buying guide and a dryer buying guide with more information if this is your first time buying these appliances.

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