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Front Load Washers

Improve Your Laundry Experience with a New Front Load Washer

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Front-Load Washers: Efficient and Easy

Powerful and economic, front load washers have been the envy of laundry rooms everywhere since their debut in the 90s. These sideways appliances flip expectations upside down, helping you improve the efficiency of your home on the daily. Whether you're trying to get through laundry in a home with three kids and a dog, or trying to save money in a studio apartment, find the perfect washing machine for you.

Top-Down Efficiency

So what makes front load washers any different from their vertical predecessors? For one, they're able to wash more clothing at once using less water. Unlike a traditional top load washer that uses an agitator to wash clothes and mix cleaning fluids, front load washers have no agitator at all. Instead, the inner drum is filled with a small amount of water and soap. When the cycle powers on, the drum begins to turn, causing gravity and rotation to clean and then rinse the clothes. In this way, the clothes "scrub" each other and require less power. Maybe that's why so many front load washers are ENERGY STAR qualified. Using less power and water helps keep utility costs low, no matter how many times you have to run it on laundry day.

Family Size Front Load Washers

Thanks to the absence of the traditional rod-like agitator in the washers drum, there's room for large amounts of laundry. Don't keep load sizes too small—make sure every last sock, sheet, and soccer uniform gets clean (according to your manuals specifications). Once the laundry is done, toss it into your dryer. Opt for a matched set for easy-to-understand controls and an aesthetically pleasing laundry space. Those with smaller laundry rooms or closets need to make the most of available space. First, check out our make sure it will fit buying guide, and measure everything...twice. You don't want to have to return an appliance you've already purchased (but we can help with that if you need it). Then consider your room configuration. Front load washers are great for spaces with overhead cabinets or shelves. Stash detergents, delicates bags, and dryer sheets here to keep everything in one spot. For narrower spaces that can only fit one machine "footprint", consider stacking your washer and dryer. If you're vertically challenged, you may need to get up on your tiptoes to grab some of your clothes, though. For even smaller spaces like utility closets, a washer-dryer combo unit may be a solution.

Need Help Sorting?

If you're still not sure which washing machine is best for you, check out our buying guide on Front Load vs. Top Load Washers. For more personalized help, give us a call at 800-860-3577 or step into the store to see one of our skilled professionals. We carry top brands like Samsung and Whirlpool, and our experts are always ready to help you find the appliance that best fits your lifestyle.

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