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Convenient Cooking: The Slide-In Range with Electric Cooktop

Slide-in electric ranges combine electric cooktops with ovens underneath, coming together in one convenient appliance. As the name suggests, these ranges are designed to slide into a pre-measured opening in your kitchen cabinets for a perfect fit. To learn more about how these ranges are installed in your kitchen, check out our article that compares slide-in and freestanding ranges. There are even ranges that can function as both. Our selection includes models from top brands like LG and Samsung for reliable performance you can count on. If you enjoy cooking multi-course meals or need to multitask after work, a slide in range with electric cooktop is a great addition to your kitchen. Electric cooktops are easy to clean thanks to their flat surface, which also helps keep pots and pans steady while you're cooking. They're also easier to install as you don't need a gas line. They are also known for their ability to conserve energy so if you're looking to cut down your energy bill, an electric range is a great option. Electric ovens are loved by bakers thanks to their evenly-heating coils. They're also a great choice for roasting and broiling meals. With their convenient cooking, you'll have dinner on the table in no time. When it's time to install your electric range, just plug in and start cooking.

Multitasking Meals

A slide-in range with electric cooktop lets you utilize multiple cooking methods on one appliance. This helps save time as you don't have to walk around your kitchen to check on different dishes. Instead, you can boil water for pasta or sear chicken on the electric cooktop while vegetables roast in the oven below. You'll get dinner on the table faster without doing any additional work. If you're looking to conserve space in your kitchen, you'll love the features on these slide-in ranges that can do the work of multiple appliances. Some have built-in air frying so you can cook crispy foods without oil whereas others with convection options help roast vegetables or broil meat with circular heating. Users who are constantly on the go will love the ease of use offered by a WiFi-enabled model. These slide-in ranges connect to your home's WiFi, after which you can download the manufacturer's app to control your appliance from your smartphone or tablet. You can preheat your oven from work so you can get home and immediately get dinner started. If you're in the other room doing laundry, you can check on your dinner from your phone and adjust the oven temperature as needed. Abt has dozens of WiFi ranges to choose from so you can pick a model from your favorite brand or in a shade to match the rest of your kitchen appliances. If you are having trouble choosing the right model for your needs, have no fear. Our kitchen range buying guide breaks down each aspect of these appliances and explains their unique features. You can also browse our kitchen appliances at our retail store or call our appliance experts at 800-860-3577 to learn more.

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