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Gas Stoves and Gas Ranges

A high-quality gas stove is the cornerstone of any kitchen. No matter what you're making, it's likely you'll need a cooktop, oven, or both. With your new gas range you'll be able to saute, fry, and bake your way to amazing meals. Gas stoves give you versatility with the turn of a dial. They also offer benefits over their electric counterparts. The flame on your gas cooktop is easy to control with the dial so you can go to high to low heat in an instant. This temperature control reduces your energy costs. These stoves offer much more than the standard four burners, though. Modern options come equipped with up to 8 burners so you can cook multi-course meals with ease. These multi-burner models are perfect for those who entertain often or for professionals who are accustomed to a fully-loaded kitchen.

It's also important to consider what type of oven best suits your cooking style. Choose from a convection oven or conventional oven with the help of our convection vs. conventional oven guide comparing the two. A convection oven cooks food by circulating heat with fans, whereas conventional ovens cook food with heat that rises from the bottom and isn't circulated. Convection ovens cook food faster but this might require you to check on your food more often to prevent overcooking. Additional features will also influence which gas range you choose. A self-cleaning feature is important if you love to make large roasts or host a Thanksgiving dinner. Self-cleaning can take time, though, so you may want a model with a steam clean option for faster, more regular cleaning. Other gas stoves have an internal temperature sensor that can help when baking dishes like souffle or custard. Current gas ranges offer countless upgrades that can replace several appliances and keep your countertops open. Built-in griddles, air frying and more eliminate the need to buy multiple appliances. Make pancakes or healthier fried foods without walking away from your gas range. There are even gas stove models that have smart technology capabilities so you can ask your virtual assistants to set a timer or preheat gas ovens.

The Perfect Fit

With multiple sizes available, your gas stove is made to fit perfectly in your kitchen. Gas ranges are available in popular finishes like stainless steel or classic black but also come in colors like red or blue to transform your gas range from a reliable kitchen appliance to an attractive piece of home decor. We offer the top brands for gas ranges including Bertazzoni, Viking and GE. Gas ranges and gas stove models are available in both freestanding and slide-in options to adapt to your kitchen setup. Slide-in gas stove models are ideal to replace your existing range or if you're remodeling and want a seamless fit. Freestanding options are ideal for those who don't have space to fit a range into their existing setup and don't need to be attached to walls or cabinets. It can be hard to choose the right gas range for your home, especially when there are so many high-quality options available. Luckily, you can consult our kitchen range buying guide or call one of our kitchen experts at 800-860-3577 for recommendations. You'll be cooking professional-quality meals in no time no matter which range you choose.

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    I was very happy with my air frying rack and the quick delivery. I wasn't aware of all the different items Abt offers when I ordered, but now that I am, they will be one of my go-to's for other things.
    Marilee C. - Des Moines, IA
    January 21, 2022