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Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Take the weight out of your hands with Canister Vacuums

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Lightweight Yet Powerful Canister Vacuums

Are you sick of pushing around a heavy vacuum cleaner? Maybe you have a health condition like arthritis that affects your mobility. Enter the canister vacuum. This unlikely hero is surprisingly portable and simple to use. Surprisingly, they offer better suction and thus clean better than upright vacuums. Their distinct shape features a canister that houses the motor and bag and is usually mounted on wheels to easily move throughout your home. The canister is connected to the vacuum head by a long, flexible hose that lets you access hard-to-reach places. This design allows for larger engines, which equals more power. Their weight is better distributed than upright vacuum cleaners so they're easier to move in general but are particularly great if you only have one vacuum in a multi-level home. These appliances are especially good at cleaning stairs because the long, flexible hose lets you easily access each step without having to pick up the entire unit; just wheel the unit to the base of the stairs and turn it on to get going. Canister vacuums are primarily a great way to clean hardwood floors but some models can also clean carpeting. If you have pets, there are even models that are specifically designed to clean up pet dander and eliminate pet odors. While canister vacuums have a charmingly retro design, that doesn't mean they work like old vacuums do; they're even available in bagless options that are easy to clean and better for the environment. Our collection of canister vacuum cleaners includes options from top-selling brands like Miele and are available at every price point so you can find a great vacuum cleaner no matter the size of your budget.

There's no getting around it: vacuum cleaners are loud. If you live in an apartment or condo building, your neighbors might not appreciate your vacuum blasting first thing in the morning. Canister vacuums are slightly quieter so they're less disruptive to your neighbors or family members. While we don't normally associate vacuum cleaners with style, these canister models are available in an array of colors that look great in your home while in use. Their attractive design comes in handy as these units are larger than other kinds of vacuum so they may be harder to tuck into a closet while you're not using it. If you pick a sleek white or punchy purple model you love, you'll probably be motivated to clean more often. Regular cleaning will reduce odor and alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions. If air quality is of the utmost importance for you, there are even canister vacuums with HEPA filters, which don't release allergens back into the air while you're cleaning. Overall, the pros outweigh the few cons these vacuum cleaners have. If you have questions or want to learn more about the vacuum options you have, turn to our vacuum cleaner buying guide. You can also dig deeper into the difference between canister vacuums and their beloved upright counterparts here.

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