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The Window Air Conditioner

Beloved as one of the most popular AC coolers, the window air conditioner provides high-quality ventilation on nearly any budget. And the concept is nothing new; the idea of successfully cooling a hot breeze through a porthole can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt. There, people would hang reeds in front of windows and trickle water among them. When the wind would blow through, the evaporation of the cooled water would bring indoor temperatures down. The same evaporative cool technology drives air conditioners today, though there have been some pretty significant technological advances. Step out of the hot sun and into a perfectly chilled home with help from a device from Abt.

Why Choose a Window Air Conditioner?

We've come very far from the days of Egyptian evaporation. There are many home coolers on the market, from central air units to portable models. And while they each have their benefits, the window air conditioner brings a level of versatility not found in any other device. Easy self-installation is what makes this cooler so well-loved. When setting up, all you need to do is mount these on a windowsill (preferably with the controls facing inside the home). Secure any gaps and voila, you've got cool airflow all summer. Once chilly temperatures come back around, unplug and set aside for storage. These machines will save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars over a central AC unit, too. With price tags lower than $300, it's easy to buy multiple window units to cool off a whole home and still save. And if you're thinking of moving in the future, it's easy to pack up and move your devices, unlike with central AC. But while these models are great for budgets and easy installation, there are some instances where you might need something different.

When a Window AC Unit Won't Be Enough

Even though many of these AC units come with smart technology and can be controlled via Wi-Fi, they can't solve every issue. In certain studios, condos, and dorms, window units simply aren't allowed in order to keep tennants from damaging the foundation. In these situations, see if your landlord will allow a portable AC instead. These machines look like dehumidifiers and involve a temporary hose and bracket that fit atop a windowsill. While they are convenient, they're not built with enough power to cool large rooms and shouldn't necessarily be used all season. Meanwhile, folks who plan to stay in their home for a long time should strongly consider investing in a central AC unit. Though installation and the unit will be more expensive and must be done by professionals, it's a real investment in your home's value that will pay off in the long run. If you're still unsure, check out our guide on Central Air vs. Window Units: Which Option is Best for You?

Service and Support

These machines are some of the most affordable and convenient ways to cool down, but you should make sure they're right for your home before you buy one—or two, or three. Check out our Air Conditioner Sizing & Buying Guide to learn more about all of your HVAC options. And if you feel like you need more personalized help, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our experts are equipped with years of experience in the field and can help you solve your extra-hot summer problems.

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