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Car Amplifiers: Bringing the Concert to Your Car

If you've bought brand new speakers for your car and still aren't satisfied with the sound quality, it's time to buy a car amplifier. While cars typically have a built-in amplifier, they are small and thus can't really provide any significant power. Car amplifiers improve the sound quality of your speakers while also reducing distortion by increasing input signal power. This subsequently delivers a more powerful output signal, which helps drown out road noise so you can enjoy your music. Factory installed speakers typically aren't very powerful, so it's likely you will need to install an amplifier. You can also install new car speakers to help solve the problem. These car electronics come in multiple options: mono, two-channel, and multi-channel amplifiers. The channels correlate to sources of power so a 8-channel amp, for example, would be connected to 8 speakers. 4-channel amplifiers are a popular choice for cars because they can power the front and rear speakers if you have them; alternatively, they can power the front speakers and a subwoofer with bridged rear channels. If you have a subwoofer, you must buy an amplifier as well. 2-channel amplifiers are also popular for automobiles because they can power a set of car speakers. However, each style of amplifier has its own benefits. Some are Class A, some are Class AB, and some are Class D. If sound fidelity is your top priority, Class A is the way to go. AB has greater efficiency than A, which means it generates less heat, but still retains good sound. If efficiency is your main concern, you'll want a Class D model.

Abt carries hundreds of car amplifiers from top-rated brands like Sony or Pioneer at various price points so you can pick the product that fits your car and your budget. You cannot simply buy any amplifier and throw it in your vehicle, so consult our fit guide so you can buy the right product. You can spend anywhere from one hundred to one thousand dollars on a new amplifier so there's truly something for everyone. There are other factors to consider besides price and channels, though. What about crossover? Crossovers can be sold separately but there are amplifiers that have them built in. Crossovers are important because they help direct the right signals to your tweeter, woofer, and subwoofer. While the general concept of an amplifier is easy to understand, learning the nuances of the technology and the unique features in each amplifier can be a challenge. Some brands design their amplifiers to work better with their car speakers and subwoofers, but you don't necessarily have to have Alpine speakers and an Alpine amplifier. There are also options with remote controls so you can control the volume of your equipment when it is connected to your car's head unit. Some amplifiers are small enough to install behind the dash if you're concerned about maintaining your car's aesthetics. Mono amplifiers are typically the smallest models if installation behind the dash appeals to you. If you still have questions about how car amplifiers work or which model works best for your car, call our product experts at 800-860-3577 or consult our car amplifier buying guide.

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