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Sweet Dreams with Bedding Frames & Headboards

A high-quality bed is one of the most important furniture purchases for your home. We spend about one third of our day in bed and a good night's rest is crucial to feeling your best. Abt offers high quality bedding frames, beds, and headboards in the latest styles and in a variety of finishes so you can choose the perfect match for your bedroom. The proper frame is essential to comfortable sleep as it holds your mattress and offers overall support. Your frame needs to be sturdy enough to support your mattress to slow down sagging; it will also last you for decades if you invest. Whether you're looking for a compact twin or a roomy California king, we know you will find your dream bedding frame. If you're redecorating, a bed set will take the guesswork out of picking furniture for your bedroom.

Before you start testing mattresses, it's important to decide what kind of bedding frame you want. Consider your other furniture as well as the flooring and wall paint in your bedroom. Choose from options with quilted headboards or classic wood options. Upholstered beds are a trendy option and offer a luxurious look. Quilted fabric in options like velvet are perfect for a bedroom that feels truly glamorous. Metal bed frames look both modern and vintage while giving an open, airy feel to your room. If you prefer a classic look, simple oak or walnut bedding frames look timeless in any room. Canopy beds are another option to consider. Bedding frames and beds can also provide storage possibilities when you're in a small space. If you're limited on closet space, an elevated frame allows for under bed storage, perfect for shoes or seasonal items you don't reach for daily. Under bed storage eliminates clutter and keeps your bedroom looking tidy. We also offer beds with built in storage like drawers to store clothing or additional bedding.

Headboards are a simple and often budget-friendly way to upgrade your bedroom. You don't have to replace the entire frame, which saves you money. If your style has changed, swapping out a classic wood headboard for a bold velvet option will immediately change the look of your bedroom. A stylish headboard easily upgrades a simple bed frame. Headboards come in multiple styles including panel, wingback, slat, and sleigh. When you're choosing your headboard, think about your lifestyle. For example, if you read in bed often you may not want a wrought iron headboard as it won't provide cushion or support.

The right mattress is a necessary accompaniment to your bed. Your mattress must properly fit in your bed frame to prevent squeaking, shifting, or other problems that can disturb your slumber. Be sure to consult our mattress buying guide for more information on choosing the right one for your sleep style. With your new mattress and one of our reliable bedding frames, your best sleep is a purchase away. If you need assistance choosing a new bed, call our furniture experts at 800-860-3577.

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