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Replicate Movie Magic at Home with Projectors

Going to the movies on a Friday night is an awesome experience but what if you could recreate the experience from the comfort of your home? Adding a projector and a screen brings the movie theater home so you can watch movies in your pajamas, laugh as loud as you want and avoid battling for those coveted seats in the middle of the back row. You can eat as much popcorn as you want without missing a second of the movie—just press pause. You can choose between HD, 4K and 8K models depending on your budget and your movie-viewing demands. No matter which you opt for, you'll enjoy an incredibly rich, crisp picture that standard TVs just can't replicate. Most modern projectors are fairly compact, which makes them easy to install and keep out of sight in a room, further immersing you in the movie theater experience. With options in both black and white, you can pick the model that best blends in with the rest of the room. Despite their compact size, these devices are incredibly bright, creating a fantastic picture that enhances the fine details in your favorite movies. One of the best things about them is that unlike going to the movie theater, you can also enjoy TV shows and sporting events from your home theater.

These devices use LED lights and lasers to enhance the brightness and contrast of whatever you're watching. Just like the LED bulbs you use throughout your home, these lights offer a longer life so you're not losing light in the middle of a movie marathon. The brightness offered by LED lights mean that you can still watch high-quality content even if your room isn't pitch black (though that's still the best viewing environment). In addition to standard models, you can also check out a new gaming projector, perfect for big Mario Kart tournaments, or a portable option for road trips or movies in the park.

Completing Your Home Theater Setup

While projectors undoubtedly offer great picture projecting power, they can't do the work of an entire home theater system on their own. Blank walls are a wallet-friendly way to recreate the movie theater experience but if you want to enhance the image quality, consider adding a screen to your home theater. They can either be mounted to the ceiling or the wall in front of your couch depending on which fits your home best. Choose between several sizes to find the right fit for your viewing needs and the size of the wall the screen will be in front of. These larger-than-life screens are the perfect way to view action movies or appreciate the incredible animation of your favorite childhood classics. To enhance your home theater even more, consider adding a surround sound system. While there are projectors with audio capabilities, speakers and subwoofers will work in tandem with these moving picture machines to create a truly immersive viewing experience. If you need help deciding which option is the best fit for your home theater, call our specialists at 800-860-3577. We also have a convenient projector buying guide that breaks down different features to look for when you make your decision. It's time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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