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Manual & Electric Can Openers

Stop struggling to open canned ingredients while you're making dinner. Abt's selection of can openers feature products from top brands so you can quickly open cans and move on. If you're looking to truly modernize your kitchen, invest in an automatic or electric can opener. These openers do the work for you by using a motor to operate the opening blade. Electric openers are great for someone looking to multitask, users with arthritis, or older users. They're also great if you have to open multiple cans consecutively, maybe if you're making a large batch of pasta sauce and need several cans of crushed tomatoes. Cuisinart has multiple electric can openers featuring their iconic Power Cut™ blade that seamlessly cuts through metal cans. These appliances use magnets so they can hold cans on their own so you can set your can to open while you prepare other ingredients for your meal. Electric can openers are often helpful if you have larger cans to open, which can be difficult or time consuming doing it on your own. If you prefer to do things the old fashioned way, Abt also offers traditional can openers. A stainless steel can opener is incredibly durable to open the toughest cans; stainless steel resists rust or corrosion from acidic foods like crushed tomatoes. A good quality can opener does not leave sharp edges on the can or lid that can cut you and also won't come in contact with the contents of the can, which is crucial to avoid cross-contamination. While electric can openers are convenient, you need a nearby outlet to use them. A traditional can opener can be used anywhere in your kitchen. For camping or can opening on the go, we also carry Swiss Army Knives that fit in the smallest pockets.

Jar Openers & Bottle Openers

Abt also offers a plethora of jar openers and bottle openers to help you break the toughest seals with ease. Stop struggling to open that pesky pickle jar. Jar openers provide a better grip to open without straining. They help you open your jars by providing leverage. Whether the jar's lid is smooth-sided or grooved, these kitchen gadgets will effortlessly remove it. Just like an electric can opener, a sturdy jar opener will help those with arthritis or limited mobility open jars without pain or strain. Whether you always pair a perfect wine with dinner or you're a craft beer aficionado, a reliable bottle opener is a must. We carry beer bottle openers that can be attached to your keys, cooler bag, or even drilled into the wall. For wine bottles, look for a high-quality corkscrew that won't leave pieces of cork in your favorite vintage. Our lineup of small appliances offers solutions for opening cans, jars, and bottles effortlessly. To learn more about the different products we offer, check out our collection of small appliances buying guides. You can also call our friendly kitchen experts at 800-860-3577 with questions about specific products or product recommendations. We're confident that you'll love your new can opener.

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