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Cuisinart Appliances & Cookware at Abt

The Cuisinart line of cookware and appliances brings a professional kitchen experience to the comfort of your home.

Cuisinart Appliance and Cookware at Abt

Reliable Appliances and Cookware from Cuisinart

Cuisinart is one of the most recognizable names in cookware. If there's something you need for your kitchen, they probably make it. They offer high-quality, durable products that make cooking easier and more enjoyable. From chefs to home cooks of every skill level, Cuisinart is at home in every kitchen. From large and small appliances to cookware and all kinds of utensils, their selection will instantly upgrade your cooking experience. Their innovative products will help you cook meals your friends and family will love. Perfect as a housewarming gift or a gift to yourself, these iconic kitchen essentials are sure to delight. Shop Abt for the best selection of culinary must-haves.

Iconic Appliances, Professional Results

If you're ready to enjoy the best home-cooked meals, look no further than Cuisinart's lineup of enviable appliances. Classic cooktops and microwaves are cornerstones of every kitchen; Cuisinart takes these basics to the next level with helpful features like induction cooking. The food processor is one of their most iconic offerings and is perfect for quickly dicing onions or making homemade hummus. Choose from compact mini food processors or massive 14-cup options to handle any recipe. They also have an extensive range of cookers that includes multi-purpose cookers, pressure cookers, rice cookers, and slow cookers. Slow cookers are a kitchen classic thanks to their low-maintenance approach to cooking—simply dump in your ingredients and set the timer. They're perfect for beginners or busy parents who want to give their family delicious meals but don't want to spend the whole evening in the kitchen. If you've never had rice from a rice cooker, prepare to experience the fluffiest, most delicious grains you've ever had. Perfect for poke bowls or restaurant-quality risotto, a rice cooker is a must if you love rice, quinoa, or barley. Pressure cookers are one of the trendiest countertop appliances of the moment because they cook food quickly and are easy to use. If you can't decide which of these cookers sound best, a multi-cooker is the way to go.

Essential Cookware & Utensils

A set of high-quality utensils are the starting point from which you build your kitchen collection. Utensils help prep, cook, and serve your meals. Flip burgers, ladle soup, or stir sauce; from slotted spoons to spatulas, Cuisinart makes it all. Pair your durable utensils with professional-quality pots, pans, and skillets. No matter what you need to make that recipe from your favorite food blogger, you can find it from Cuisinart. Their cookware is available in stainless steel and nonstick options so you can sear steaks and scramble eggs to perfection. Their GreenGourmet™ line is perfect for the environmentally-conscious customer without sacrificing quality. While your food is cooking, be sure to add enough salt and pepper to enhance the flavor; luckily, Cuisinart also offers a chargeable salt and pepper mill that can dispense multiple spices by merely flipping the grinder over. Mince garlic and chop fragrant onions with sharp, precise knives that can cut through the toughest foods. From mixing bowls to carving knives, their selection anticipates your every cooking need.