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Cuisinart Food Processors and Food Choppers

From novice cooks to professional chefs, everyone can benefit from a high-quality food processor. Cuisinart food processors easily chop, grind, and puree ingredients to add the finishing touch to all your favorite recipes. These compact countertop appliances can chop nuts, blend chickpeas for hummus, or even make pizza dough. They can help cut down on meal prep time by chopping an entire onion in a matter of seconds. Food processors are small enough to store in a cabinet should you want to keep your kitchen counters clear when you aren't cooking. Those with particularly small spaces may want a mini food processor, but even an ample 14-cup model can still be stored conveniently. Food processors are great for those looking to eat healthier as you can make versions of your store-bought favorites like nut butters or salad dressing with less sugar, salt, or preservatives. Our Cuisinart food processors will let you expand your culinary horizons without making a mess or requiring a plethora of equipment. In colors like sleek stainless steel or classic white, you're sure to find a food processor to match your kitchen.

Mini food processors are a space-saving, budget-friendly option that still offers reliable chopping power. They're perfect for people who live alone or those who don't cook large meals. They still offer plenty of space to chop onions, garlic, or vegetables for salads and salsa or whip up single-serving portions of homemade ice cream. Cuisinart even offers a specific model for grinding nuts and spices, perfect for baking. Freshly-ground spices will taste far better than store-bought versions without requiring much effort. Cinnamon for pies or spice rubs for meat will come together in less than a minute for professional-quality food. For those who love to entertain or want their appliances to offer restaurant-level results, look into a 14-cup model. These Cuisinart food processors are huge so you can make salsa, soup, or sauces for the whole family. These larger models have a chute large enough to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables for convenience. Large food processors give you flexibility to make entire recipes in one appliance and let you easily create dips or no-bake desserts for your next party. The included shredding disc and slicing disc offer even more flexibility, whether you're prepping vegetables or even grating cheese. If you're looking for something in between, there are also 8-cup options available. These are big enough to make big batches of hummus or grind up ingredients for pie crust but also won't take up too much room in your cabinets or on the counter. All models feature a stainless steel blade that offers extreme durability and won't corrode after multiple washes. No matter the size, Cuisinart food processors offer powerful motors and sharp blades to prepare ingredients any way you desire.

No matter what your culinary needs are, we have the Cuisinart food processors for you. Mini models or multi-cup behemoths can handle recipes of any size. If you want to learn more about food processors, consult our handy buying guide. You can also see our kitchen appliance experts in store or call them at 800-860-3577 for assistance.

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