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Chest Freezers: Economical and Efficient

You're walking through the wholesale club's frozen section and come across a massive box of 70 toaster waffles. Beside it, a pack of chicken tenders, then on to ice cream bars and frozen veggies. You reach for the door...before remembering your skinny freezer is crammed with ice packs already. You just don't have room for this food, even if it'd be the most economical option. The solution? It's not getting rid of your ice packs--you'll need those after your next day at the gym. Instead, invest in a chest freezer for efficient storage. These deep freezer chests are designed with a large amount of storage space that every household can utilize. Other benefits to these boxes? Energy efficiency, a long lifespan, and the ability to keep items cold even through power outages (if left unopened).

Structured for Storage

These chests aren't like the icebox attached to your refrigerator, no matter your fridge's structure. Unlikeupright refrigerators, these chest freezers open from the top. This design helps keep cold air loss to a minimum and improves energy efficiency. In turn, that helps keep your food cooler for longer, and can even reduce freezer burn. Think you don't have room for a chest freezer? Think again--these appliances come in all sizes, from 5 cubic feet up to 25 cubic feet and beyond. While often placed in garages and sheds, chest freezers with smaller footprints can fit in spaces all across the home, even in utility closets or laundry rooms. For narrower areas,consider an upright freezer instead of a chest freezer.

Frozen Features

Before you pick one out, think about what you'll be using it for. Are you saving money by buying food in bulk (like those 70 frozen waffles)? Or are you cooking meals and freezing for months to come? Chest freezers are a popular option for hunters, too. Make sure you get enough space for food storage, especially if you have a larger family or don't live terribly close to your favorite grocery store. Consider organization as well--with deep chests, it can be easy for heavy objects to squish more delicate foods. You don't want your favorite snacks to get lost, either. Keep an eye out for chest freezers with storage and organization baskets. These can often be removed in case you need to store oddly-shaped meats or large boxes, too.

Service in Bulk

Still not sure if a chest freezer is for you? Check out our freezer buying guide to learn more about your food storage options, and browse our selection to discover the features your household needs. Or give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our experts know all about keeping things cool, and we'll help you pick out the device that's best for your lifestyle. No matter what you buy, each appliance is covered by a manufacturer's warranty for one year--and afterward, we'll help service your chest freezer for the device's lifespan.

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