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Freezer Buying Guide

A comprehensive freezer guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a new freezer.

Getting Started

An extra Freezer can help keep your refrigerator freeze clear from clutter. Before purchasing your new freezer familiarize yourself with the capacity and configurations of the different freezers Abt has to offer. Ask yourself some question like, how big is your family? What are your food shopping habits? Do you buy food, especially meat, in bulk packages to save money?



If you have large quantities of food, the chest freezer is the way to go. Chest freezers tend to have a longer lifecycle than upright freezers and will stay colder longer in a power outage.


Freezer baskets help maximize the space and convenience of chest freezers, while in-the-door storage does the same for uprights. Upright freezer is the way to go for ultimate freezer organization.

Freezer Drawers

Freezer drawers are found on under counter freezers and French door refrigerators. They are basically pull-out freezers that allow for easy accessibility, easy organization, and are energy efficient as heat rises away from the drawers to keep the freezer cold.



The measurement of the interior of the appliance, usually in cubic feet. Use the dimensions for comparison. Manufacturers use different terms to define capacity, one extra large appliance may not be the same as another.

Defrost Drain

Water from the melting ice flows out of the freezer through this drain. A defrost drain makes it easier to defrost the freezer because you won't have to collect all the water with a sponge and bucket.

Defrost Features

Most freezers are defrosted manually, which requires 40% less electricity than the no-frost models. Some upright freezers have the no-frost system. Chest and compact freezers are manually defrosted. The manual defrost freezers are better at holding the temperature at one level for large amounts of food. Front drains are available on some models, which provide easy connection to hoses to release water during defrosting.

Energy- Efficient Rating (Energy Guide Label)

The EER, also known as the Energy Guide label, gives you two important pieces of information: the estimated energy consumption on a scale showing a range for similar models, as well as the estimated yearly operating cost based on the national average cost of electricity

Frost Free

Frost-free freezers prevent ice buildup by automatically defrosting approximately once daily. A timer turns the compressor fan on and off, while simultaneously turning on a small heater to melt away any collected frost. During the defrost cycle, the internal freezer temperature does not change by more than two degrees, so food is not adversely affected. The slight temperature change concerns some consumers who have heard that their food will preserve better in a manual, rather than frost-free freezer. However, temperature changes in the frost-free cycle are approximately the same as the changes in a manual defrost freezer where the compressor cycles on-and-off. Frost-free freezers do not cause freezer burn, which occurs when food placed in the freezer is improperly wrapped or kept frozen for an extended period of time. Wrapping food in heavy-duty aluminum foil, plastic-coated freezer paper or polyethylene bags prevent freezer burn.

Manual Defrosts

You will need to remove the food temporarily and turn off the freezer until the built-up ice melts.

Removable Storage Basket

These baskets are designed for use in chest freezers and help organize food.

Swing-Down Gate

A wire gate that holds food in place and swings down for access to the food.


Freezers keep food at 18°F and fast freeze at 26°F. Fast freezing is the optimum freezing temperature for fresh food to retain most of its nutritional value. It is important to keep the freezer temperature constant in order not to increase energy expenditure - every degree below - 18°F increases energy expenditure by 5%

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