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Shirley H.

Shirley H.

I enjoy nothing more than spending time with family, decorating and staging, ladies night out, and a really good glass of wine.
Favorite Products:
I don't really have a favorite product but if I had to choose a category I would say high-end ovens and ranges are my favorites. Why??? Because they take the guesswork out of everything. You don't even have to know how to cook! These ovens are so intuitive and easy to use that even a beginner cook can create perfectly cooked gourmet meals without experience or guesswork. Trust me, these types of ovens/ranges are well worth the money you pay for them.
Favorite Movies:
The Color Purple,(Whoopi & Danny rocked their rolls in this), The Notebook (I haven't met a woman yet who won't agree with me on this one), Bridesmaids(Just so freaking funny), and Titanic (I don't know, I just loved it).
Favorite TV Shows:
I know the season has ended for all of these, but they are still my favorites. The Office, Scrubs, Cougar Town, Parks and Recreation, Girlfriends, and The Game.
Favorite Vacation Spot:
My favorite vacation spot is anywhere I go with my Husband. It doesn't matter if it's a staycation relaxing on our patio with cocktails or private tiki hut on a remote island in the ocean; every trip has been an adventure.
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Shirley's Featured Mentions:
  • "Shirley Hood, Appliance Specialist at Abt Electronics and Appliances in Glenview, Illinois, agrees: Upright freezers are 'great if you don't typically freeze a lot of things,' she says… If you're limited by space, a small upright freezer may be the solution. 'They are narrower, so they're easier to store, and they have a smaller footprint,' Hood says."
  • "Built-in ice makers can be finicky, and they're expensive to fix, too. Shirley Hood, an appliance specialist at Abt Electronics, said that ice-maker issues account for about 10 percent of the service calls the store makes on new refrigerators. The problem is usually related to a dispenser or water line that has frozen shut, but if the ice maker itself needs to be fixed, it will cost at least $240 for parts and labor.

    If you're shopping for a fridge and a built-in ice maker is one of your must-have features, consider picking a model that has the ice maker and dispenser inside the freezer compartment. Refrigerators with dispensers in the fresh-food, refrigerator-side compartment are more prone to problems, Hood said, because they're fighting an uphill battle against warmer temperatures."
  • "Rinsing can help prevent this and keep your machine running smoother for longer. However, cleaning your plates entirely is one way you're loading your dishwasher incorrectly. Leaving some residue on them is necessary in order for the detergent to work properly, says Shirley Hood, an appliance expert and sales representative with Abt Electronics… Don't let your pets or children sit on the door to the dishwasher. It may sound obvious, but it's something Hood, with over 20 years experience, sees often, along with damage from people tripping over the doors of their dishwashers. Plus, it's so fun to play with the door at the end of the cycle and watch the steam come billowing out…

    Hood says overloading on detergent—one of the most common dishwashing mistakes–can cause residue buildup in the wash and drain pumps. Use pre-measured detergent packs to make sure you're not overdoing it…

    It happens: things break in the dishwasher. But Hood says people often don't realize there's glass in the appliance. 'Depending on the size, glass chards can get past the dishwasher filter and make its way into the drain pump where it can cause real damage,' she says. These other items can also cause potential damage to your dishwasher…

    Hood says people often throw candle holders and glass votives in the dishwasher without removing the melted wax first. The wax can cause residue buildup, which if not removed, can clog the wash and drain pump over time…

    'This can cause large food items like nuts or even glass to get into the drain pump and cause damage to the line,' says Hood. 'The mesh filters at the bottom of most dishwashers is for protection of the wash pump. If you don't place the filter back into the lock position after removing it for cleaning, you are giving it the chance to move around during the wash cycle, allowing room for food particles and even glass to get into the drain pump which over time can clog or damage the line.'"

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  • Our sales rep was very informative and helped us to make a decision on the best dishwasher available. He answered all of our questions. Delivery time frame was accurate and quick.
    Steve P. - Libertyville, IL
    July 8, 2022