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In-Wall Speakers: Minimalist Look, Maximum Sound

When it comes to boosting a home's sound system, most folks know that a portable speaker (even if it's huge) isn't really going to do the trick. Instead, it's time to invest in a serious sound system. Whether you're building yours from the ground up or just replacing a few components, in-wall speakers from Abt will bring you an outrageous sonic experience—with none of the bulk of a traditional sound system. Installing a set of in-wall speakers is a great way to keep extra square inches of space free in a living room or dedicated TV space, or even a home theater. Instead of tripping over boxes, you'll be appreciating your home's uninterrupted look. Learn more about different speaker arrangements below.

In a Surround Sound Set-Up

While these in-wall speakers aren't very noticeable to the eye, you'll certainly hear them when they're on. To complete the experience, consider setting up a surround sound system. These days there are a few methods to achieving that all-around audio long coveted in the movie theaters. The traditional way is to go all out with specified audio equipment at every corner. For an authentic sound, you'll need at least five noisemakers: a left, right, center channel, and two rear speakers. Include subwoofers to throw some power behind every beat you hear, and add audio gear to the ceiling for a truly immersive sonic experience. Use these in-wall speakers to play music, watch sports, see new films, and play video games.

Virtual Surround Sound

If a full surround setup isn't feasible, consider a set of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that are equipped with "virtual" object-based surround formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. These devices fire sound at specific points across the room, creating a virtual surround sound depending on where listeners stand in the room. It's important to ensure that your equipment is installed in just the right spot for this audio format—otherwise, you may hear some audio too much, and some too little. Aim to pitch your sonic data right at where you normally lounge, then sit back and immerse yourself in sonic heaven.

Standing Alone

That being said, a two-device stereo setup works just fine for many music and film enthusiasts. Even with just two of these, you'll appreciate the lack of wires and the presence of huge acoustics. If you're only going to choose one or two in-wall speakers, make sure you test them out before you buy them. Abt's soundproofed stereo rooms at our location in Glenview make it easy to try out different machines before you buy them. If you're hoping to learn more about home audio solutions before you make a decision, check out our Speaker Buying Guide. Alternatively, get expert advice from our specialists in person or on the phone at 800-860-3577. We'll be happy to help, and can show you all the accessories and options available. Once all your gear is installed, you'll be ready to hear your favorite songs in all their glory.

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