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Desktop Computers: PC Desktops and Mini Desktops

Although laptops have become a popular computer option thanks to their portability and convenience, there are still plenty of reasons why desktop computers are a great addition to schools, libraries, or home offices. If your child has converted to a fully-remote learning situation, investing in a desktop computer might be a wise choice. These computers offer improved operation thanks to powerful processors so you can create work presentations or write long term papers without your computer crashing. Desktops also tend to cost less than laptops, which is ideal for the budget-conscious consumer or those looking to upgrade their entire office setup. If you're a gamer, a desktop is a must because you can easily find models with powerful processors and graphics cards to handle the technology of the latest games. Desktop computers also typically have more storage space than the standard options for laptops and also offer more customization as you can upgrade your storage or graphics card to improve your computer's performance. While we recommend that current Apple users opt for an Apple desktop (like the mini desktop or iMac) and Android users opt for Windows, we know you'll love any PC desktop you choose.

Our lineup includes offerings from top brands like HP, Microsoft, and Apple. If you're ready to invest, an Apple iMac is a great option. Choose from multiple screen sizes including a whopping 27" display that's perfect for editing photos and videos or even watching TV shows in quality so good, you'll swear you're sitting in front of your television. Enjoy the intuitive technology of the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad for easy operation. The newest iMac models even come in a range of fun colors that set them apart. However, if you're not looking for an all-in-one computer then the Apple mini desktop is another great option. The Mac mini desktop is perfect for anyone who prefers using different computer monitors outside of the Apple brand, but still want the power that a mini desktop can deliver. Apple isn't the only company building upscale, fully-loaded computers, though. The Microsoft Surface Studio line features improved graphics memory, SSD storage, a tilting display, and a touchscreen to handle your biggest work projects. We also offer desktop computers made specifically for gaming from popular brands like CyberPowerPC. These computers are designed for fast response times and incredible graphics, which makes them a popular choice even with non-gamers. Our desktop computers feature the industry's most powerful processors like the Intel Core™ i7.

Adding high-quality computer accessories like a keyboard and mouse, speakers, and flash drives will make your experience more organized and efficient. We even offer popular software like Microsoft Office so you can tackle any project for work or school. Before you make a purchase, consider the ways you'll be using your computer to determine whether a desktop or a laptop is a better choice. If you're not planning to do much work on your computer, you may enjoy the portability of a laptop. If you are a student or run your own business from home, though, a desktop is a must to handle your heavy workload. Whether you're a laptop devotee looking to learn more or just want to make an informed buying decision, our desktop computer buying guide will point you in the right direction. You can also call 800-860-3577 to speak with one of our computer experts who can answer any of your questions or provide recommendations on which products will fit your particular needs.

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