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Freezers & Ice Makers

Freezers & Ice Makers: Lower Temps, Higher Functionality

You purchased that wholesale club membership for a reason, and it can feel painful walking through the fresh and frozen sections if you only have a classic refrigerator at home. You'll pass up steals on bulk meats and seafood, ice cream, frozen veggies, and crates of other favorites (like frozen toaster waffles). It's not because you don't want them or can't afford them—there's just no space in the fridge. This tough lack of space is exacerbated by some fridge designs like the side-by-side, with narrow shelving unsuitable for large boxes. Instead of giving up on the high value of frozen foods in bulk, keep the fridge you have and outfit your space with one of Abt's freezers. These full-fledged cold storage devices are perfect for stocking up on great deals and keeping things fresh for longer. chest and upright freezers are beloved by everyone, from homes with tons of kids to families that love hunting and need a space to keep their game meat and fish. Whether you're stashing yours with the catch of the day or the latest grocery haul, you can be sure that these coolers will keep your foods as fresh as possible.

Extra Ice On Hand

Even equipped with those extra square feet of cold storage, you might not have all of your frozen needs met. While most modern refrigerators have ice makers built into them (and if they don't, you might be able to find an ice maker kit with us), their capacity to create and store those frozen cubes isn't always the greatest. If you've ever had a few guests over, you'll know that having enough ice on hand is tough with a traditional dispenser, and you may find yourself rationing each cup to three cubes or fewer. That's why ice makers are a must-have for any entertainer—whether you're hosting cocktail parties, kids' sleepovers, or game night with the neighbors. Instead of dashing out of the house to the nearest gas station only to find that you have nowhere to store that 7-pound bag of cubes, all you have to do is turn on your ice maker. Undercounter versions can both make and store a large amount of ice when needed, while countertop models can generally only store two pounds of ice at once. If you're not sure which one is best for you, check out our Ice Maker Buying Guide to learn more.

Why Invest in Frosty Appliances?

Whether you're choosing between an ice machine or a chest freezer, adding one of these cold storage options to your home is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Just ask families that have weathered the occasional natural disaster and power outage thanks to the staying power of their freezers. These coolers can keep temperatures low for much longer than a fridge can thanks to proper insulation and advanced thermodynamics. Having extra ice on hand is always a good idea, too, especially for runners, bikers and anyone who could experience the occasional sports injury. Not sure which freezer is best for your home? Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or check out our Freezer Buying Guide to find one that fits your budget, lifestyle and space.

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