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Gas Stove Tops

There's nothing better than cooking over fire. It's easy to see how early humans were so enamored with it, especially when we're out in the wild with marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks. Lucky us, we figured out how to bring fire inside with gas stove tops. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't make s'mores inside. Craft all your culinary faves with the help of gas burners—the choice of chefs everywhere. Gas stove tops offer precision cooking and temperature control, along with high heat to bring liquids to a boil as fast as possible. Keep your favorite recipes hot, warm, or cold with the help of a stove top from Abt. So, why not go for electric? Electric and gas stove tops have been battling since electric stoves rose to prominence in the 1930s. As a general rule, chefs and home cooks alike tend to prefer the gas range for the reasons mentioned above: access to precise heat fast. The difference is dramatically noticeable in woks, which rely on the extremely high heat of gas burners. With electric stoves, it can take a little longer for the burners to heat up, but can accomplish almost anything a gas stove top can. In fact, those with young children might prefer the electric range. With no open flame and no chance for a gas leak, parents might feel safer having little ones in the kitchen.

Don't Forget the Oven

These stove tops are just half of the equation. Pair your cooktop from brands like Bosch, Viking, and JennAir with a matching wall oven for the complete cuisine experience. That way, you can keep food on the fire, whether that involves a convection oven or a flame-heated saucepan. Before you pick an oven, consider your cooking style and what you'll need most from it. Baking enthusiasts might even need two: check out our stock of double wall ovens. Whether you have one or two, it's important to understand how your oven heats up. Convection ovens are a popular choice. Thanks to a convection fan and multiple heating elements, hot air is evenly circulated throughout the space. Foods come out crispy and evenly cooked, and the convection setting can even be turned off. Meanwhile, conventional ovens have two heating elements, one at the top, and one at the bottom. Most recipes are designed for conventional ovens, meaning cookbook fans won't need to adjust cook times.

Fire Up Your Style

Whatever oven and gas cooktop you decide on, you'll need it to work with your kitchen's existing design. Cooktops already come with a stylistic advantage: these appliances are a bold choice, and add a striking element to your kitchen no matter what. And while stainless steel looks good in any kitchen, darker greys and blacks make a loud statement. Accessorize with elements that integrate your appliances further into your home's style. Mix neutral white, black, and grey tiles for a stark backsplash, or surround your range with white quartz countertops to brighten the room. Alternatively, pick one accent color and mix it in with the backsplash, or paint the cabinetry below. The appliances should fit your lifestyle, you get to make them fit your home. Still not sure which gas stove top is for you? Check out our Cooktop buying guide to brush up on the basics, then give us a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to talk to a specialist. We're here to help you pick the best appliance to match your home and lifestyle. All cooktops are covered by the manufacturer's warranty for at least one year, and we'll continue to service yours throughout the life of the product.

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