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French Door Refrigerators: Refined Food Storage

French door refrigerators have grown into one of the most popular styles of this appliance. With their double doors that smoothly swing open, they provide easy access to the contents of your fridge with plenty of style to boot. This particular style offers several advantages: as their doors are half the width of other fridge doors, French door refrigerators can fit into narrow spaces in your kitchen. If space is at a premium in your home, opt for a counter-depth model for an even tighter fit. As the doors open independently, you don't need to open the entire appliance to access your snacks or condiments inside, thus saving you energy (and money). For those looking for even more storage and energy-saving potential, check out the door-in-door French door refrigerators we offer. This unique design lets you access items like beverages without opening the main body of the appliance, which saves even more energy.

By positioning the freezer drawer at the bottom, French door refrigerators give you a bird's-eye view of your food so you can easily assess what you have on hand. This can help you stay organized and makes building your grocery list easier. Gone are the days of smaller items getting shoved to the back of the freezer, only to be discovered months later covered in freezer burn. The drawer design is also easier to open and is great for homes with kids who are old enough to grab their own snacks without worrying about reaching tall upper shelves you'd find in a side-by-side model. If you do have kids at home, there are other design elements to consider. Sticky fingers are no match for French door refrigerators with a fingerprint-resistant finish and it's available on classic stainless steel and black stainless steel models. For a modern look, choose a finish that matches the rest of your kitchen appliances. With such a large selection available, there are plenty of great features to choose from. Water drinkers might opt for a fridge with an external water and ice dispenser, while those seeking a streamlined aesthetic will love a panel-ready model. Available in a range of capacities, you can find the perfect size for your household, whether you live alone or have a large family.

Smarter Appliances, Better Food Storage

WiFi-enabled appliances are growing in popularity thanks to their ability to let you control the items in your home via your smartphone. Typically, smart French door refrigerators require you to download the manufacturer's app and from there you can set the temperature, check on the status of your appliance and, in some cases, see inside your fridge. The smartest of these refrigerators feature digital screens on the front that let you see inside, create grocery lists, display photos and more. If you have questions about which fridge is best for you or the features on a particular model, reach out to an Abt specialist at 800-860-3577. You can also consult our refrigerator buying and sizing guide for more information. If you'd like to see more options, check out our entire collection of refrigerators.

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