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Marine Speakers: Sound Meant For Open Water

Whether you spend your time on the lake sunbathing, waterskiing, or just celebrating happy hour, there's truly nothing better than enjoying summer with a boat. But just because your watercraft floats doesn't mean it's ready for the season. Make sure yours is equipped to play the soundtrack of the summer with boat speakers from Abt. And no, undersized Bluetooth® speakers probably won't cut it, especially out on open water. These marine speakers aren't like traditional ones you'd see next to a record player, or even the outdoor variety you'd find on a patio. You'd find that indoor models are much larger, especially ones designed for high fidelity and surround sound. Boat speakers are generally smaller, but they make up for a lack of size with powerful volume and crystal-clear audio.

Up High or Down Low

Many of these supersonic projectors can be well hidden. Your watercraft may already have some of its factory technology installed, but you might not know exactly where these audio units are. That's because they're often built directly into your vessel, like beneath the seats or into the walls. This design is fairly popular and helps to keep sound focused inside the craft—the perfect option for cruising and fishing. Our mobile installation team can help to remove your old models and install the new ones without interrupting the flow of your design. Meanwhile, enclosed versions mount on top of the watercraft, often on a wakeboard tower, deck mount, or even a tube mount. These models tend to be a bit larger and send sound all across your seating and out into the environment—turning the bay into your personal playground. Pump up your group of waterskiers, get a playlist going for tubing contests or host intimate nighttime parties out on the lake. And if you're thinking about boating at night, opt for marine speakers with bright lights or color-changing settings. You'll create an exciting ambiance that'll be hard to ignore, and the party will go on as the sun begins to set.

Complete the Set

If you're re-imagining your boat's speakers, there's a chance that your other marine audio equipment is still in the dark ages. While the sound producers are undoubtedly the place you should splurge, they're no good if you've got a subpar radio with no way to connect to your smartphone. Instead, check out our collection of radios, subwoofers, and amplifiers. These other accessories will give you a better connection to sound than the aging radio on the dashboard. Instead of fiddling with the turner to find a radio station that's discernable, connect to your new marine radio and select one of your favorite playlists. Sit back as deep bass beats flow through subwoofers, and you'll truly be getting the most out of your pontoon or yacht.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you're having trouble deciding between two products or you've got no idea how (or where) these products would even go, give our Mobile Install team a call at 800-860-3577. Our experts have years of experience helping to install sonic gear in cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and anything else that "goes". With a little bit of TLC at our headquarters, you'll be back on the lake in no time.

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