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Dual Fuel Ranges

Upgrade Your Kitchen with a Dual Fuel Range

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What is a Dual Fuel Range?

A dual fuel range is a kitchen range that, as the name suggests, uses more than one fuel type. Combining the best parts of an electric and gas range into one efficient appliance, dual fuel ranges typically offer a gas cooktop and an electric oven. These ranges are popular with serious cooks because they combine the best of both: an electric range and a gas stove. Abt has countless dual fuel ranges and other appliances in stock that are ready to go home with you.

How it Works

A dual fuel range relies on gas to heat the cooktop and electricity to heat the oven. Gas ovens can often be less precise when it comes to how hot you need it to be, which is what makes an electric oven so reliable. In order to properly install a dual fuel range in your kitchen, you'll need to ensure you have a source of electricity and gas that can be connected to your stove and oven.

Why Choose Dual Fuel?

If you're a casual cooker or baker, you likely won't notice any difference between using a gas range versus an electric range. However, serious bakers could definitely benefit from a dual fuel range, which can hold temperatures more precisely, ensuring consistent results every times. If you're passionate about baking, a dual fuel range will help you craft your tasty creations to perfection.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Set Up Properly for a Dual Fuel Range

When shopping for new cooking appliances—especially if you're upgrading from an electric range—it's important to be sure your kitchen is set up to accept a dual fuel range. You'll need a natural gas line to feed the gas cooktop and a 220-240V electrical outlet to power the electric oven. If you've previously had an electric stove, your electrical supply will be sufficient. But the plug behind most gas stoves is only 110-120V and will need to be upgraded to support a dual fuel range.

Shop with Abt

If you've been looking for the best dual fuel range for your kitchen, let Abt lend a helping hand. We have a massive selection of top-tier appliances that are available for an affordable price. We're proud to help make homeowners near and far bring their kitchen visions to life. We carry a large selection of dual fuel ranges from the best brands in kitchen appliances, including Thermador, Viking, and Dacor. Create the kitchen of your dreams by adding a dual fuel range that satisfies the cook in you. You can also check out our Range Buying Guide for more information on all of the different range types available.

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