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Ranges: Gas, Electric, Induction, Dual Fuel

Combining the precision of a cooktop with the power of an oven, ranges are a kitchen appliance that can truly do it all. From baking cakes to simmering homemade pasta sauce, you can prepare nearly every component of your meal on one. Abt offers both slide-in and freestanding ranges so you can find an option that fits perfectly in your kitchen layout. If you have the ability to choose either, another factor to consider is where you'd prefer the controls on your appliance; freestanding ranges typically have controls in the back whereas slide-in models have the controls in the front. Those looking for a truly luxurious option will love a double oven range, which, as the name suggests, includes two side-by-side ovens. Typically, these appliances will feature one larger and one smaller oven and are ideal for cooking multiple dishes at the same time, whether you're preparing sweet and savory dishes simultaneously or cooking for someone with a dietary restriction. There are countless other features to consider, like if ADA compliance is essential in your home or if you want an oven with a built-in air fryer. Of course, we also offer ranges with WiFi connectivity so you can connect your appliances to each other or control them from your smartphone. Even the color is important when shopping for a range as you want your appliances to match.

Choosing a Fuel Type

There are two possibilities when determining a fuel type for your stove: either your home is already wired for a certain fuel type or you're building your dream kitchen from scratch, giving you the flexibility to choose whichever fuel type you prefer. Typically, the fuel type refers to the cooktop, meaning a gas range has a gas cooktop and likewise for electric. If you have the ability to choose which of these you want in your home, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each fuel type. Of course, electric cooktops eliminate the concern of a dangerous gas leak. Many models typically have warning lights that indicate the cooktop is still hot. They're also easier to install as you don't have to install a gas line. Gas cooktops, though, are known for their powerful, even cooking. Being able to see the flame as you turn the knobs gives you greater control over the cooking process.

For the best of both worlds, you can always opt for a dual fuel model. Dual fuel ranges combine a gas cooktop with an electric oven, meaning you can enjoy the responsiveness of cooking on a flame above with the even cooking of electric heat below. The final option is induction, which uses electromagnetic energy to directly heat your cookware instead of heating a burner which would then heat the cookware. While this is arguably the fastest and most powerful cooking method, induction does require magnetic cookware to work properly. If you are having trouble deciding which of these ranges is the best option for your home, call 800-860-3577 to speak with an Abt expert. Additionally, you can read Abt's kitchen range buying guide for more information about these appliances.

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