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Electric Bikes: Powered By You

When you hear the phrase 'electric bikes', your mind may race back to your first ever electric scooter or a moped you used to drive around town when you were in college. In truth, electric bikes (often called e-bikes) are akin to a regular bicycle in nearly every way—but they're equipped with a few extras. Most come ready to roll with a motor, battery, and control panel to help you navigate your way around town. The main difference between an always-powered moped or scooter and an e-bike? With an e-bike, you can keep your motor off and bike unassisted for as long as you like. Then when you're wiped out after a long ride, switch on the power and enjoy a leisurely trip home. You can get in a workout powered by your own body, or sit back and enjoy the view as your vehicle does all the work for you.

E-Bikes For Commuters

Electric bikes and powered scooters have been beloved by commuters all around the world. These high-powered movers help folks get from home to work and back again, all while getting in a substantial workout. If you are going to be using your bike to commute around town, make sure it's equipped with all the right gear, and that it's perfect for your situation. For example, a foldable bike is great for anyone who needs to hop from riding in the street to rolling on the train. Alternatively, look for one that has a high-powered battery that can go far on a single charge if you live far from work. Consider a model with a built-in headlight if you'll be rolling around the city at night, or find your own rechargeable set of lights instead. If you are biking in the street, consider wearing reflective clothing as well.

For Backroads Bikers

If you prefer taking your electric bikes to the backwoods when getting in your outdoor recreation, you might need features that are different from a commuting bicycle. Instead of slim and foldable, consider something with a fatter tire if you go up and down rocky trails. The wider tread will help you get a good grip on gravel. Look for something with a strong frame, too. Most electric bikes are built with thicker frames than your typical road model to compensate for a heavy motor, but a foldable frame isn't something you'll want to take off the beaten path. Whether you're going on long or short rides, don't forget to bring a water bottle and a helmet. A skateboard-style helmet can stand up to abuse, though many prefer the lighter bicycle-style version.

Find Yours

Wherever you're biking, make sure you pick an electric bike with as much power as you need and the pedal assist to get you around town. Once you're home, take a load off and relax on the patio—but don't forget to lock up your bicycle. Run your lock through the bicycle's frame and the front wheel as well. That way no one can pop the wheel off and run away with the bike or vice versa. Having a hard time picking out an electric bike for you? Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577, or take a look at some of the models we have out on the floor at our location in Glenview. We'll help you find the e-bike you need to get moving this summer.

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