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A Cuisinart Mixer for Every Home Chef

Hand mixers and stand mixers are a classic choice for making cakes, cookies, and brownies, but they can do so much more. These handy appliances pack a punch, letting you make pizza dough, homemade whipped cream, or even zesty salad dressings that will have your friends and family asking for seconds. Hand mixers are lightweight yet powerful and provide excellent mixing without taking up the counter space like a stand mixer does. Home chefs of all kinds can benefit from adding a mixture to their appliance collection. Whether you live in a small home or just like to keep your kitchen counters clear, a Cuisinart hand mixer is the right choice. A stand mixer is great for passionate bakers and home chefs who have spacious kitchens. The great thing about mixers is that they're easy to use so you can create restaurant-quality dishes at any skill level. No matter which Cuisinart mixer you choose, you'll enjoy a sleek design and plenty of useful features to make cooking and baking more enjoyable.

Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer?

If you're a kitchen appliance novice, it may be hard to determine the difference between a stand mixer and a hand mixer. They both mix, right? It's not quite that simple. A stand mixer is larger and typically more powerful than its handheld counterpart. They're great for larger batches of food or mixing heavy doughs. The biggest perk that stand mixers offer over handheld mixers is that you can start your mixer and leave it alone because it runs on its own. That way, you can throw vegetables in the oven or start pasta sauce on the stove while your Cuisinart mixer is working independently on another component of your meal. Cuisinart hand mixers come in multiple models with 7 speeds or 9 speeds. They're ideal for smaller or quicker tasks like quickly whipping mashed potatoes or mixing pancake batter for Sunday brunch with friends. The best part about hand mixers is that cleanup is so easy—just remove the beaters to hand wash or throw them in the dishwasher. Of course, if you have the kitchen space and the budget, you can easily justify owning a hand mixer and a stand mixer. People who love to host dinner parties or who are looking to start their own food business from their home would benefit from the added convenience of having both kinds of mixers.

A Cuisinart mixer is a must-have for anyone who's looking to up their home-cooking game. The right mixer will help you whip up restaurant-quality cake batter, pasta dough, or buttercream from the comfort of your kitchen. While there are plenty of reasons to own both a hand mixer and a stand mixer, you may not have room for both; if you just can't decide which Cuisinart mixer to add to your arsenal, we're here to help. You can check out our mixer buying guide to learn the ins and outs of these small appliances or you can call our kitchen experts at 800-860-3577 to get their expert opinion.

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