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Cuisinart Can Openers

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Cuisinart Can Openers: A Kitchen Essential

A reliable can opener is a must-have in every kitchen. Most cans don't have that convenient pull tab, leaving a metal lid in between you and that essential ingredient. Cans are nearly impossible to open without the right opener and alternative methods can leave jagged edges on the lid that are dangerous to handle. As a leader in the kitchen appliance industry, Cuisinart makes high-quality devices that make every step of the cooking process easier and more enjoyable and their can openers are no exception. If you're looking for an especially durable opener, go with a stainless steel option. Cuisinart's can opener offering includes electric can openers that feature powerful motors that do the hard work for you. These Cuisinart can openers come with a slew of benefits: they ensure clean can opening every time, they open cans faster, and they reduce the risk of injury. Users with mobility issues and seniors can especially benefit from the hands-free opening. Best of all, they look great on your kitchen counter; their sleek, modern design is surprisingly stylish for a can opener. Cuisinart can openers also come in multiple color options to choose from so you can match your other kitchen appliances. If you're someone who loves the look of a perfectly clean counter, the openers are small enough to fit on a shelf or in a cabinet. They also feature the signature Power Cut™ blade that seamlessly slices through cans so there are no jagged edges left behind. Once the opener has opened the can, the lid is held in place by the magnetic lid holder so you don't have to dig around in the can to remove the lid, which can be dangerous. Whether you need to open a tiny can of cat food or a large can of crushed tomatoes, your Cuisinart can opener can handle the job. Its wide base offers leverage so it can open large, heavy cans without wobbling.

If you're using a recipe that requires multiple canned ingredients, you don't want to waste your time opening each individual can. Electric can openers get the job done in a matter of seconds so you can easily multitask. Thanks to their hands-free operation, you can whisk together other ingredients while your new can opener opens up the final ingredient. Once you're done, cleanup is easy; the blade and magnetic holder are attached to the removable lever for easy cleanup. Be sure to clean your appliance after each use to ensure functionality for years to come. The only limitation for these portable appliances is that they need an outlet to work, so consider your kitchen's layout before making a purchase. If you're looking for a great new kitchen appliance, look no further than Cuisinart. In addition to their can openers, Abt also offers Cuisinart food processors, blenders, slow cookers, and more to round out your kitchen setup. If you have any questions about these products, visit us at our Glenview storefront or call our appliance experts at 800-860-3577.

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