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Cook to Crispy Perfection with Cuisinart Deep Fryers

French fries, egg rolls, deep fried candy bars—it seems like the best foods are made in the deep fryer. Deep frying is known for its ability to cook foods evenly and quickly, leaving them with a perfectly crispy exterior. With Cuisinart deep fryers from Abt, you don't have to go to a fast food restaurant or the county fair to indulge in your favorite deep-fried delicacies. Cuisinart deep fryers are available in multiple capacities to fit different cooking demands. People who live alone or who want to deep fry only occasionally might want a smaller capacity option. Larger deep fryers are great for families or aspiring chefs to experiment with fun new recipes. Their stainless steel construction makes Cuisinart deep fryers incredibly durable, even when they go up against simmering hot oil. Additionally, these deep fryers all have a cool-touch handle so you can easily shake the basket or remove your food from the oil without injuring yourself. These appliances are fairly inexpensive so they're an easy way to expand your culinary horizons without breaking the bank. Cook perfect wings and fries for the big game or experiment with deep drying different desserts; either way, a deep fryer is your trusty companion to create fun, memorable dishes to share with your friends and family.

Lighten Up with a Cuisinart Air Fryer

If you're trying to eat healthier but love crispy fries and juicy chicken wings, you can still indulge. Instead of a deep fryer, consider a Cuisinart air fryer. Air fryers don't use oil, which reduces the calories and fat in a dish. You can cook a surprising amount of food in an air fryer—besides lighter alternatives to classic fried options, you can also make stuffed mushrooms, crispy brussels sprouts, or even desserts in your air fryer. Cuisinart air fryers come in multiple styles to help you make a variety of dishes. If you're tight on counter space or just love multi-purpose products, you might be interested in their air fryer-toaster oven combo. Cook foods up to 450° to ensure perfect results every time. No matter which model you choose, these air fryers are incredibly easy to use. Whereas a deep fryer requires you to fill the appliance with oil and wait until the oil gets hot enough, an air fryer quickly preheats and then you merely have to place your food inside. They're easy to clean thanks to their oil-free cooking. Cuisinart air fryers can also reheat food so it doesn't get soggy. Our Cuisinart air fryer selection includes stainless steel options that are as attractive as they are durable. With the rising popularity of stainless steel appliances, your new air fryer will perfectly match the other devices in your kitchen. Whether you choose the healthy convenience of an air fryer or the decadent indulgence of a deep fryer, we're here to help you make the right decision for your lifestyle. Unless you're a pro, you probably don't need both types of fryer. To figure out which of these appliances is best for you, check out our deep fryer buying guide and air fryer buying guide. You can also visit our retail store or call our experts at 800-860-3577 to learn more.

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