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Deep Fryer Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a deep fryer.

Getting Started

Deep fryers are the wonderful machines for making your fried food at home. Prices for deep fryers depend on the size, features and the way they look (style). There are three basic types: deep fryers with lockable lid, deep fryers without lockable lid and rotary deep fryers.


Lockable Lid Fryers

Lockable lid fryers are very popular for the home use because they are safer to fry then using traditional pans. Because they have a lid you don't have to worry about oil splashing around. These types of fryers usually have a filter that's permanent or needs to be washed. They also have a basket that can be lowered or raised without opening the lid. Most will have a viewing window so that you can safely see what's happening. All fryers will have an indicator showing when the oil is hot enough to use.

Deep Fryers without Lockable Lids

Deep fryers without lockable lids look more like a mini version of chip shop fryers. They work in exactly the same way as the fryers with lockable lid except that they don't have a lid. They are usually made of stainless steel and although very simple in design, there are fewer parts to clean.

Rotary Fryers

Rotary fryers use half the amount of oil then the regular fryers. The food basket inside the fryer rotates through the hot oil rather than sitting in it all the time resulting in less oil being needed. This means that fryer gets up to cooking temperature quicker as there is less oil to heat. These will also have a lockable lid, filter and viewing window.



The power of all fryers is usually between 1800 and 2200 watt. The most powerful models will heat oil more quickly. They all have thermostat to show you when you can start cooking. Some of them are digitally controlled, but those models tend to be more expensive. All fryers have some sort of the filter that can be permanent, washable or you need to replace it. Some parts are dishwasher safe. Most fryers will have some sort of outlet for draining away the used oil, but before you buy this model make sure that this feature is easy to use.
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