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Deep Fryer Buying Guide

Wondering what type of deep fryer is right for you? Before you decide, use this helpful fryer buying guide from the appliance experts at Abt.

Getting Started

If you love the satisfying crunch and taste of fried foods, deep fryers are wonderful machines for frying food at home. There are many styles of deep fryers to choose from for safe at-home frying. Let's take an in-depth look at deep fryers and their many features so you can determine your best option.
Overhead View of Fries in Fry Basket

The Different Types of Deep Fryers

Electric Deep Fryers

Electric deep fryers are the most common household option. These fryers are generally smaller in size and perfect for frying indoors. Additionally, they're usually the most affordable option.

Propane Deep Fryers

These are the classic deep fryers for traditional frying. Since the oil heats faster, propane fryers create a crispier bite compared to electric fryers. The downside to propane deep fryers is that they need to be used with a certain degree of safety and caution. They also have to be used outdoors. Lastly, since these models are fueled with propane, you'll need to refill them as necessary.

Air Fryers

While an air fryer is technically not a deep fryer, it's an option worth considering. Air fryers use an oil-less technology, with equal heat distribution. While they usually don't create the same taste as fried foods, they do offer a healthier alternative. Air fryers will save you on the cost of oil and propane. Plus, air fryers are far easier to clean than other options.
Air Fryer Buying Guide Video
Air Fryer Buying Guide
Air Fryer Buying Guide Video Air Fryer Buying Guide Video
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Lockable Lid Fryers

Lockable lid fryers are very popular for home use because they are safer than frying with traditional pans. Because they have a lid, you don't have to worry about hot oil splashing around your kitchen. These types of fryers usually have a filter that is either permanent or removable for cleaning. They also have a basket that can be lowered or raised without opening the lid. Most models are designed with a viewing window so you can safely see what's happening. These fryers also have an indicator showing when the oil is hot enough to use.

Deep Fryers without Lockable Lids

Deep fryers without lockable lids work the same way as fryers with lockable lids, except they remain open. They are usually made of stainless steel. The simple design creates fewer parts to clean than their lockable lid counterparts.

Rotary Fryers

Rotary fryers use half the oil as regular fryers. Less oil is needed because the food basket inside the fryer rotates through the hot oil rather than submerging completely. With less oil to heat, the fryer reaches cooking temperature quicker than other models. These fryers also come with a lockable lid, filter, and viewing window.

Features to Consider

Person Mixing Potatoes in a Deep Fryer


The power of all fryers is usually between 1800 and 2200 watt. The most powerful models will heat oil more quickly. They all have thermostat to show you when you can start cooking. Some of them are digitally controlled, but those models tend to be more expensive. All fryers have some sort of the filter that can be permanent, washable or you need to replace it. Some parts are dishwasher safe. Most fryers will have some sort of outlet for draining away the used oil, but before you buy this model make sure that this feature is easy to use.
It's worth noting that electric deep fryers will take longer to heat than their propane counterparts.

Oil Change Notification

If you intend to re-use oil, you will need this convenient feature that notifies you when your oil is overused.


When choosing a deep fryer, it's important to consider what you'll be frying. If you intend to make snacks for the family, like a batch of fries, a countertop deep fryer should be fine. You will need a large model if you intend to host parties and serve deep-fried fish or whole chickens.

Baskets and Accessories

Deep fryers of all varieties come with basket accessories that allow you to fry multiple foods at once (like fried fish and hushpuppies). If you plan on hosting backyard parties, this is a must-have!


When it comes to deep fryers, safety is extremely important, especially for large items like whole turkeys. Every Thanksgiving, there are numerous fires caused by deep fryers.
Electric fryers are generally safer than other options, but oil can easily boil over and combust. However, electric fryers also come with additional safety features, such as an automatic shutoff in case oil reaches unsafe temperatures. Another safety feature to consider is a detachable break-off cord.
Look for a cool-touch exterior to avoid accidental burns as well.
In general, follow the instructions carefully. Never overfill the oil and always regulate the temperature. It's also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher nearby when using propane deep fryers.


It should come as no surprise that cleaning a deep fryer is no fun. While some models offer dishwasher safe attachments, you still have the messy task of draining the oil (unless you use an air fryer!). Ideally, seek out a deep fryer with a detachable oil compartment or drainage system to make your life easier.


Consider size and safety when purchasing your deep fryer. If you have any further questions, contact Abt for expert advice.

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