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Dyson Tower Fans: Desk & Portable Fans

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Dyson Fans: Bladeless Technology, Reliable Comfort

The Dyson name is synonymous with cutting-edge vacuum cleaner technology but this iconic brand offers much more than that. Dyson bladeless fans and air purifiers bring those forward-thinking features to portable tower fans. The bladeless design provides a steady stream of air instead of choppy, unreliable air that comes from fans with blades. Whether you're supplementing your air conditioner or just want to control the climate in a small space, these fans are portable enough to respond to all your needs. Without blades, your fan will work quietly even on high settings; if you're hunkered down on the couch to catch up on your favorite show, your bladeless fan will keep you cool or warm without disturbing your viewing experience. The bladeless design doesn't just look cool; it's also safer in houses with small children or pets. Dyson fans do more than simply circulate the air in your home; depending on which model you choose, your fan can also act as a heater, an air purifier, or all of the above. Models with air purification will clean the air no matter what, whether you're using the fan or heater or not. Instead of buying multiple gadgets to keep your home comfortable year round, you can simply invest in one Dyson product that you'll have for years to come. With signature Air Multiplier™ technology, these fans cool or heat a room far more effectively than their traditional bladed counterparts. To do so, they amplify the air in the room for surprisingly powerful heating and cooling that won't skyrocket your energy consumption.

Proven Air Purification for Easier Breathing

Dyson fans offer more than just comfortable cooling for your home; they also help alleviate symptoms of asthma and allergies. Dyson fans are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America because their HEPA filtration system removes 99% of pollutants like pollen or dander as small as 0.3 microns from the air in your home. Your loved ones will thank you for helping them breathe more comfortably. Between the quiet airflow and easy-to-clean design, the air in your home has never been cleaner. The air purifier works in tandem with the fan to keep rooms from getting stuffy, which can also exacerbate symptoms. It's time to give friends and family the comfort they deserve. Additionally, Dyson fans are slim and compact so they don't feel like an eyesore in your room. They're easy to store when not in use but when they are out, their modern design feels more like a sculpture and less like a household appliance. Their smart design also includes a curved, magnetized remote control that perfectly fits on the fan so it won't get lost in the couch cushions. If you have questions about these Dyson products, visit our Glenview store to see them in person or to speak with one of our experts. If you're not in the area, you can also call our specialists at 800-860-3577 with any questions you may have. It's time to experience the Dyson difference.

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