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Dyson Technology is engineered to improve your home environment and well-being.

In 1978, James Dyson became frustrated with his vacuum cleaner's diminishing performance. Taking it apart, he discovered that its bag was clogging with dust, causing suction to drop. He'd recently built an industrial cyclone tower for his factory that separated paint particles from the air using centrifugal force. By applying his industrial cyclone tower into a vacuum James Dyson created the G-Force, which was first sold in Japan, the home of high-tech products.

The G-Force impressed the Japanese with its performance and quickly became a status symbol. With the royalties from G-Force sales, James Dyson was able to set up his own company, Dyson Ltd. Today, there are Dyson machines in over 65 countries around the world. Dyson has grown from one man and one idea to a technology company with over 1,000 engineers worldwide. But it doesn't stand still. At its core is an ever-growing team of engineers and scientists.

For help selecting the perfect Dyson Vacuum, Air Purifier, Personal Care products and more, reach out to one of Abt's sales specialists at 888-228-5800.

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  • Free Delivery on Dyson Vacuums and Floor Care

    Free shipping

    Abt offers free shipping on most Dyson products.
  • No Hidden Costs on Dyson Vacuums and Floor Care

    No hidden costs

    Dyson vacuums need no bags or filters, which means no extra costs.
  • 5 Year Guarantee on Dyson Vacuums and Floor Care

    Up to 5 year warranty

    Full-size vacuums covered for 5 years, cord-free and air treatment covered for 2 years.
  • Lifetime Support for Dyson Vacuums and Floor Care

    Lifetime support

    Abt offers lifetime technical support on all Dyson products.