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Dyson Hair Dryers and Styling Tools

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Dyson Hair Dryer and Styling Tools

When you hear the name "Dyson", you may immediately think of the company's iconic vacuums. And with good reason; their noticeable design and cyclonic technology have led them to the forefront of the vacuum industry. Since their rise to success, they've never rested on their laurels. Instead, the engineers have created new and exciting ways to use air power in the home and office. Their Dyson hair dryer and styling tools use revolutionary engineering to make your 'do look good, fast.

The Dyson Hair Dryer: Supersonic Style

The dryer might not look like much at first glance while its design is shiny and sleek, it's just a blowdryer, right? Not exactly. Anyone who regularly dries their locks after a shower or bath knows that a good machine can do more than just banish moisture. It should keep frizz and flyaways at bay. And the Supersonic Dryer does, with frizz being lowered by as much as 61%. Meanwhile, "smoothness" is increased by 75%, and shine gets a huge boost up to 132%. That's all without the use of any further styling aid, making the Dyson hair dryer a revolution.

The Supersonic Dyson hair dryer is built with incredibly smart technology. By moving the motor from the head to the handle of the device, the blow dryer becomes more maneuverable, making it easy to balance for longer. Expect a lightweight device that's quieter and easy to use. There's an automatic safeguard against heat damaging your locks as well. Heat control technology measures the air temperature over 40 times every second and shuts off the device if needed. Learn more about the Dyson hair dryer and all its attachments with our video library.

Straightener and Airwrap

While the Dyson hair dryer was the company's first revolution in hair care, the Corralle straightener and Airwrap™ styler bridge the gap between curly and straight hairstyles. The straightener revolutionizes the classic flatiron with flexible surfaces that move to reach more strands and it can be used corded or cordless. But with straightening, it's all about heat protection. That's why the Coralle is designed with manganese copper alloy plates shaped to create your style with less heat and even less damage.

Meanwhile, the Dyson Airwrap styler brings versatility to your styling table. Curling has changed form over the decades, from rollers to curling irons. The latest evolution, the Airwrap, does more than create curls. Use yours to create lazy waves, tight ringlets, straighten frizz, and dry your 'do. All using only air. There's no damaging heat to weaken your healthy locks. Multiple styling attachments allow for completely new looks to switch up your style.

Style Support

If you're not sure if Dyson hair styling tools are for you, do a little research to learn more. Check out our videos on the Dyson hair straightener, Dyson hair dryer, and Dyson hair styling tips. If you still have questions, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Or for more personalized help, come into the store to check out our stock in person.

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