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Bread Machine Buying Guide

A comprehensive Bread Machine guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a new Bread Machine

Getting Started

There is nothing like the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. If you get to your favorite grocery store early enough, you can buy a delicious loaf, right out of the oven. If you are looking for something a bit more convenient, like a Bread Machine in your very own kitchen, look no further than Abt Electronics. We have the Bread Maker you have been looking for. Next time you create your favorite culinary meal, pair it up with fresh bread from a Bread Machine at Abt.


Loaf Size

As with any new item you are going to want a specific size. Same for the Bread Machine, you will need to consider who will be eating the bread. Will you need a small unit, or a big unit? Different recipes call for different loaf sizes, so take that into consideration when looking for a Bread Machine.

Bread Orientation

Sounds silly, but you will want to know what orientation the bread machine will make your bread. You can have the traditional horizontal loaves, or get taller, vertical loaves. It's much easier to present and cut a horizontal loaf, so that's why you will find many more units that produce a horizontal loaf.

Types of Bread

Different breads produce different flavors along with different bread making processes. Make sure you get a bread machine that will have the ability to create different types of bread. You will definitely want to experiment and try new things as you grow more accustomed to your unit.

Baking More than Bread

Some bread machines go beyond the ability to just make bread. If you are looking for a multi-tasking bread maker, you will be able to find units that can make cakes, pizzas and more. If you are the type of chef thinking outside the box, then find a unit with multiple cooking abilities.

Digital Timers

To enjoy a loaf of freshly baked bread upon arriving home, or to wake up to a house filled with the enticing aroma of warm, fresh bread, it is essential to choose a bread machine that has a digital timer. Most machines can be programmed to bake bread up to 13 hours in advance. This is a fairly common feature, and it's one that most people end up using from time to time. Digital timers are a great way to keep track of your cooking.


The most advanced bread makers have microprocessors that ensure even cooking and delicious results every time. Unlike old-fashioned bread machines, which had simple heating elements, these machines have microprocessors that make subtle adjustments while the bread is baking. It is easier to produce consistent results with a bread maker that has a first-rate microprocessor.

Kneading Blades

Some bread makers have one kneading blade. Others have two. It is generally agreed that machines with two kneading blades tend to produce the best results. Machines that produce horizontal loaves should always have two kneading blades, or the dough may not be kneaded efficiently. The price difference between a machine with one kneading blade and a machine with two kneading blades is usually minimal.

Ingredient Dispensing

When baking certain types of bread, some ingredients have to be added later in the cycle. Examples include nuts and dried fruits. Some bread machines will beep to indicate when these ingredients need to be added. Others have compartments where these ingredients can be placed at the beginning of the process. When the time comes, a door opens to dispense the ingredients.

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