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Bread Machine Buying Guide

A comprehensive Bread Machine guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a new Bread Machine

Getting Started

There is nothing like the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. If you get to your favorite grocery store early enough, you can buy a delicious loaf, right out of the oven. If you are looking for something a bit more convenient, like a breadmaker in your very own kitchen, look no further than Abt. Next time you create your favorite culinary meal, pair it up with fresh bread from our selection of breadmakers available today.
Breadmaker Buying Guide Video
Breadmaker Buying Guide
Breadmaker Buying Guide Video Breadmaker Buying Guide Video
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Why Do I Need a Breadmaker?

Making bread at home is more than a passing trend; baking your own bread is an incredibly rewarding experience. Your kitchen will be filled with the delicious smell of freshly baked bread, perfect for impressing your family or friends. Instead of waking up incredibly early to get those first fresh loaves from your local bakery or grocery store, you can take control and bake bread from the comfort of your own home. Breadmakers give homemade results without the long, strenuous work of kneading the dough yourself. These compact kitchen appliances do the work for you, kneading the dough, letting it rise, then baking it into a perfect loaf. If you already love baking bread but simply can't find the time, these helpful appliances will do most of the work for you so you can enjoy the same bread without spending your entire morning making it. This convenience lets you multitask so you can make eggs and bacon for breakfast while your bread finishes baking in the machine. Freshly baked bread is not only tastier but is healthier for you, as well. Because you're making the bread yourself, you know exactly what ingredients are being used—no sneaky refined sugars here! If you or a family member have a dietary restriction like gluten intolerance, you can also ensure that those potentially harmful ingredients don't end up in your food either. Making your own bread is also more affordable in the long run than buying fresh bread every week.

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Which Breadmaker is Best?

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a breadmaker is the loaf size. You don't need the biggest machine on the market if you're mostly making bread to eat by yourself. If you live alone and make a huge loaf of bread you may not be able to finish it yourself, but if you're making bread for the whole family, a 1 lb. loaf probably won't suffice. Breadmakers come in a few capacities: 1 lb., 1.5 lb., 2 lb., and 3 lb. Some breadmakers even let you choose between several loaf sizes, which is perfect for if you're baking someone's favorite bread as a gift or if you want fresh bread when you host brunch with friends. Mini bread machines make perfect 1 lb. loaves so you can enjoy a fresh slice with breakfast every morning, whereas full-sized loaf makers can make anywhere from 1.5 to 3 lb. loaves of bread.

Your appliance budget should also be taken into account. Breadmakers are available at multiple price points so bakers at any budget can enjoy their convenience. If you're on a budget or simply don't want to spend a lot of money on a small appliance, you can choose a model for one hundred dollars. If you want a large, fully-loaded bread machine with the latest features, prepare so spend $300-$400. Overall, though, breadmakers are less expensive compared to other appliances so you'll only spend a few hundred dollars no matter which product you choose. Besides budget, the other potential constraint you have is size. Homes with smaller kitchens typically have less storage space, whether on the countertops or in the cabinets. When space is limited, you may not want to give up room to accommodate a breadmaker unless you know you'll reach for it regularly. In that instance, a mini bread machine will save space without sacrificing quality. Even those with larger kitchens might not want to make space for another appliance. If you do have the room, though, you can choose from any of the models we carry.

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Different Breads in a Bread Machine

Another factor when buying a bread machine is the things it can make. If you love sourdough, you need to buy a breadmaker that has a setting to make sourdough bread. Those with celiac disease will be delighted to see options specifically for gluten-free bread. However, your favorite type of bread isn't the only consideration here. Do you love pizza? What about fresh jam? There are bread machines that can make a plethora of other foods besides bread. Choose from machines that can make perfect pizza and pasta dough, cake, jam, or sourdough starter. These multi-purpose machines will up your culinary game and do the work of multiple appliances without taking up more room on your kitchen counters. If you want to just make bread, these appliances offer plenty of options as well. In addition to loaf size, you can select how dark you want the bread crust to be, the crust style, and the texture of your bread. If you love rustic, crusty bread, our breadmakers can do that.

When you're shopping for a bread machine, you also have to consider the little details. Do you prefer a vertical or a horizontal loaf? The bread loaves most of us are accustomed to are horizontal; vertical loaves are taller but overall there isn't much difference. Most bread makers make horizontal loaves. You can also upgrade your bread with nuts, seeds, or dried fruits. If you want to make cinnamon raisin bread from home, be sure to opt for a breadmaker that has an ingredient dispensing compartment. Some will beep when it's time for you to dispense your add-ins, but others have a compartment that automatically dispenses ingredients at the right time. Breadmakers with ingredient dispensers offer total customization so you can experiment with new flavors.

There are also breadmakers with digital timers that allow you to set the machine to start at a certain time of day. You can set the breadmaker to start at midnight, for example, so you have freshly baked bread waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. Luckily, most bread machines have this feature. Yet another factor to consider is the number of kneading blades or paddles. Overall, it is agreed that machines with two paddles produce better loaves. If you want horizontal bread loaves, your machine has to have two paddles. Two paddles are also better suited to knead heavier dough.

Breadmakers are a great way to enjoy freshly-baked products without having to give up hours of your day. With so many options to choose from, you can make exactly what you want, from light and fluffy bread for French toast or crusty bread to dip in olive oil. Whether you're looking for a compact cooker or a fully-loaded loaf maker, Abt offers a wide range of bread machines with features to make the best bread you've ever had.

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