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When it comes to LG OLED TVs, Abt has the best deals. Experience the high-definition and ultra-thin design every time you turn on your TV. With the power of OLED, you can experience high-quality picture technology to satisfy all of your viewing needs like intense action movies, fast-moving sports, and more. The cutting-edge pixels make you feel like you're physically at the game or in the movie theaters.

Organic-Light-Emitting Diode is a new technology that delivers vibrant and perfect black colors, extremely thin television design, a wide viewing angle, and energy-efficient energy to save you money on your electricity bills.

LG OLED TVs utilize revolutionary self-lit pixels to emit their own light independently. This allows for the sharpest details and infinite contrasts to deliver a truly impressive cinematic experience. Whether you're enjoying a quiet movie night or hosting a get-together to watch the big game, the LG OLED TV has unmatched picture quality to impress and satisfy everyone watching. Abt's lineup offers the most comprehensive range of TVs to date, invigorating new models that come in even larger sizes and are built on LG's legacy of superior picture quality.

Self-Emitting Pixels Enhance Picture Quality

The LG OLED TV offers a truly one-of-a-kind viewing experience. With its ThinQ AI, 4K HDR technology, and 8.3 million lit pixels, you can expect a better picture quality than LED TVs.

Unlike most conventional LED TVs, which have a grey haze due to the backlight bleeding colors into the TV screen, OLED TVs have solved this problem. Each pixel lights up independently and, when switched off, will achieve absolute black. As a result, these 8.3 million individually controlled pixels help these TVs achieve the perfect contrast and vibrant colors in the images.

Everything you see and hear is made clearer and smoother through the high-tech a9 Gen3 AI processor. This intelligent processor utilizes deep learning to analyze and optimize content to ensure picture-perfect quality. As a result, the viewer will experience crisper and the right amount of contrast and saturation for their screen. Through the TV's built-in speakers, the processor incorporates the LG's AI Sound Pro to deliver an immersive audio experience.

LG OLED Dashboard Provides Intuitive User Experience

ThinQ is an AI platform with built-in Google Assistant and Alexa designed to adapt to your behaviors and provides access to the TV features through voice control. In addition, LG's Home Dashboard enables you to control other smart devices in your home.

LG OLED TVs are crafted and designed to place the spotlight on the content while also complementing your home's interior despite having your TV turned off. Without the use of a backlight, these TVs have an ultra-thin display so that you can focus on the cinematic-level images.

With the webOS, users get access to entertainment, sports, news, and music at their fingertips. Enjoy your favorite content on Netflix and Hulu, stay up-to-date with the latest news with Newsy, or steam your preferred music on Spotify. No matter what you like, there's an app waiting for you. This puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to your home entertainment.

Buy an LG OLED TV from Abt

Check out Abt's LG OLED TV collection and other great LG products and accessories such as projectors and wall mounts. Our team of TV Experts will help you navigate through the features and specifications so that you can find a TV that fits your viewing preferences and home. At Abt, we have a wide selection and affordable prices, which means it's never been better to find your perfect LG OLED TV. Call an Abt expert today at 800-860-3577.

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