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Bose Headphones That Redefine
On-The-Go Audio

Bose Over The Ear Headphone

Bose Over-Ear Headphones: Hi-Fi, All Mine

Bose over-ear headphones redefine the standard for sound-sealing, placing listeners inside a sonic bubble that's silent to the world. A comfortable fit that feels light yet secure, sound quality that pushes the limits of high fidelity, and noise cancellation that keeps you in the zone. That's Bose.

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Bose Earbuds

Bose Earbuds: Your Own World, Shrunk To Fit

Small feels bigger than ever with earbuds by Bose. Bose earbuds are designed to give you the best audio possible with help from features like CustomTune—it auto-adjusts sound levels to fit your unique ears. Go even bigger with the QuietComfort Ultra earbuds to feel Bose's Spatialized Immersive Audio, a powerhouse that feels like your audio is right in front of you.

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Bose Wireless Headphones

Bose Wireless Headphones:Disconnect To Reconnect

Take audio everywhere with Bose's wireless headphones. High fidelity hits the road with hours of battery life to keep you going through the commute, past your study session, while you're at the gym or relaxing at home. No AUX cord required.

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Leveled-Up Listening Meet the Quiet Comfort Ultra Headphones

Quiet Comfort Ultra Headphones

Quiet, yet comfortable

These headphones seal you inside a high-fidelity bubble as you listen to what you love and lock out the world. Use Quiet mode to stay in your own world of audio, or allow sound in with Aware mode. The QuietComfort Ultra introduces new spatialized Bose Immersive Audio: it virtually places the music in front of listeners in the acoustic sweet spot for really unreal sound.

Bose Quiet Comfort Ultra Headphones
With Bose SimpleSync technology, you can pair your QC Ultra Headphones with select Bose speakers and soundbars for a personalized listening experience.
QC Ultra Headphones give you up to 24 hours (up to 18 hours with Immersive Audio)* on a single charge, enough to keep going on even the longest red-eye flight.
Download the Bose Music app for simple setup, simple calibration, and to group products.

Bose Speakers & Sound Systems: Made For Really Unreal Audio Both At Home Or On The Go

Bose Sounbar

A Symphony from a Soundbar

Soundbars by Bose are anything but basic. Explore models designed with multi-channel audio and Dolby Atmos for virtual surround sound that comes from everywhere. New tech like Bose TrueSpace takes a deeper look at what you're watching or playing. Signals are upmixed from stereo and 5.1 for more immersion than you'd ever think possible.

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Bose Wireless Headphones

Wireless Home Speakers: Your Home, Sonically Connected

Bose smart speakers deliver powerful audio that can fill the room. Connect to Wi-Fi for effortless sound, and speak to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with ease. Play with simple controls and access your favorite apps like Spotify and Amazon Music. Then speak the word to hear your own playlists all throughout the house with Bose SimpleSync™.

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Bose Earbuds

Bluetooth and Portable Speakers: An Upgrade In Shareable Sound

Portable speakers shouldn't cut corners. Enjoy full-bodied sound from lightweight speakers that can slip into your pocket or safely fall into the pool with Bose. Every single one is made to take on adventures, thanks to long-lasting battery life and mighty sound that stays with you all day.

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