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Bose Bookshelf Speakers

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Bose Bookshelf Speakers

Perfect for music and movies alike, Bose bookshelf speakers pump out high fidelity audio from their sleek designs. Traditional speakers project audio directly toward the listening area. This creates a small sweet spot for fully balanced stereo sound while the other areas of the room suffer from diminished sound quality. Many Bose bookshelf speakers solve this problem using the company's patented Direct/Reflecting speaker technology or an Articulated Array speaker design.

At a live concert, sound often bounces off the walls, ceiling, and floor before reaching your ears. Most Bose stereo speakers emulate the experience by relying on both direct and reflected sound to achieve a natural spaciousness. As a result, you'll enjoy balanced stereo effects throughout your listening area as opposed to a single, localized sweet spot.

The spacious sound offered by Bose bookshelf speakers makes them an excellent choice for surround sound home theater systems. For a simple surround setup, consider pairing them with a soundbar. However, these pint-sized speakers are fully capable of filling a room with impressive audio all on their own.

If you aren't sure which speakers will best meet your needs, read through our Speaker Buying Guide for a quick education on the various options. You can also get advice from the audio experts in our Custom Audio and Video Department at 847.544.2307. But if you already know what you want, order your new Bose bookshelf speakers today!

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