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Bose Wireless Headphones: Take Your Sounds Everywhere

Whether your passionate about new-wave jazz or love listening to your favorite podcasts, if you're audio-obsessed like we are, you've heard of Bose wireless headphones before. And the Bose story is a familiar one, beginning with a young boy who started a radio repair shop back in 1954. After years of tinkering and studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Amar Bose began to formulate his ultrasonic company with help from fellows at MIT. To this day, the school still owns the majority share of the company. These education-focused owners help to funnel new technology into Bose Corporation as it's being pioneered.

When it comes to listening on the go, these giants of audio stay focused on the next step, all while keeping music available to all. With a broad price range and options for on-ear, over-ear, and in-ear listening, anyone can find the quality sound they've been searching for. Leave old-fashioned AUX cords in the dust and step into the future with wireless headphones.

Completely Wireless: For Workouts, Rest, & Everyday Activity

In search of teeny buds that fit directly in your ears? These separate, completely wire-free earbuds make it easy for users to take their audio with them anywhere they go. And unlike competitors, these sonic experts have branched out to create more than one model. Explore the collection—some are made specifically for sports activities like running and biking, with tips designed to stay in place and sweat-resistant bodies.

Others are made for relaxation and even sleep, with softer inserts designed to keep you comfortable as you go throughout the day. These multipurpose sound makers make it easy to bring your sound everywhere, too. When you're not listening, store yours in their rechargeable case. With a battery life that lasts as long as six hours (before needing to recharge in their case), these devices are the easy choice for any music lover on the move.

Over-Ear: For True Sound Aficionados

While the popular in-ear headphones are definitely in vogue, true experts in high-fidelity audio know that there's nothing quite as immersive as wearing ones that fit over your ears. Bose has been making over-ear models for decades (long before the first MP3 player), and they've been able to perfect the technology. Thumping bass, layered acoustics and timbre effects flood over you thanks to high-tech stereo sound. All with no wires.

For an even further layer of immersion, keep an eye out for models with noise-canceling features. With just a touch, you'll go from hearing the outside world to only hearing your input audio and back again. Sink into an audiobook with no interruptions, get into the zone at the gym or listen to a recorded concert with lifelike clarity of sound. No matter what you use your Bose wireless headphones for, you can rely on them for high performance across the spectrum.

Not Sure Which Ones Are Right For You?

If you're having a hard time figuring out which earbuds are the best choice for your lifestyle or whether an over-ear model makes a good graduation gift, you don't have to go it alone. Check out our Headphones Buying Guide. Here, our experts walk you through all the differences between modern models, from sports-focused versions to controls and Bluetooth connectivity. Alternatively, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We'll be able to help you find the right listening technology for you.

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