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Shop Logitech Computer and Video Accessories at Abt

Keyboards, mice, speakers, web cams, outdoor monitoring, Harmony remote controls and more

Shop Logitech Computer and Video Accessories at Abt

Explore New Technology with Logitech

Before expanding to Silicon Valley, Logitech was founded in Switzerland in 1981, with a goal to connect people through innovative computer products. With this motivation, they became the first company in the industry to bring the laser mouse, the thumb-operated trackball and the infrared cordless mouse to consumers everywhere. Logitech focuses on how humans connect with the digital world, each device designed to hold a place in people's everyday lives. While their products are user-friendly, they're also efficient and unique. Logitech has expanded its company beyond just basic computer needs, branching into business, gaming, music, video and streaming. Over the past 40 years, they've managed to create other brands under their name like Ultimate Ears, ASTRO Gaming, Blue Microphones and more.

Currently, Logitech has begun focusing on reducing their carbon footprint. Through adopting a climate-positive approach, they've become completely carbon neutral, switching to renewable energy sources to manufacture their products. In 2020, they become the first electronics company to put carbon impact labels on all of their packaging. They also began a program to promote giving recycled plastic a second life in their devices as an alternative to virgin plastic. Outside of their outstanding sustainability efforts, Logitech is also renowned for the quality of their technology. Since 2015, they've received over 250 design awards from major publications and organizations around the world. Twice they've been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design" by Fast Company as well, proving their expertise and reliability in the industry.

A New Wave of Productivity

Abt carries a variety of Logitech business webcams for video conferencing when working from home; some of their models are even certified for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams®. Mount these webcams wherever you'd like, as the attached clip is versatile and adjustable. The resolution of these cameras can range anywhere from 720p to an astounding 4K. No matter the pixelation level, Logitech promises consistent clarity in the picture and smooth video so you look best in any lighting. Even if you don't like the appearance of your video, there are plenty of settings and camera customization options available to edit the video to your liking. If your virtual meeting is important enough to save as a resource, these webcams provide high-quality video call recording too. When you're not actively using your webcam, many have a built-in lens shade to maintain user privacy. If you're looking for the perfect wireless keyboard, Abt has just the Logitech devices for you. These keyboards are full-sized and come with contoured mice with curved grips for ultimate comfort. There are many different convenient features these wireless keyboards have: silent keys for typing without distraction, touch pads, customizable controls, wave-shaped keyframes and palm rests. These Logitech wireless keyboards can work up to ten meters away from your computer and are completely spill-resistant and lag-free. Adjust the height of your wireless keyboard with ease and don't worry about the device dying; the battery life of these keyboards can range from 36 months to three years. If you're looking for a keyboard you can pair with any of your devices, whether it's a smartphone or tablet, look no further than Logitech Bluetooth keyboards. Type anywhere you want, with or without WiFi. These keyboards are compact and portable, feature iOS shortcuts and have a three-month battery life. This is just the beginning of the many products you can add to your technology collection. If you have questions about any of these modern Logitech accessories, you can speak to a member of our tech team at 800-860-3577.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I have shopped with ABT for years. Their website is top notch and prices with free shipping is always a big plus.
Mary W. - Hudson, FL
May 11, 2023