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Microwaves are an indispensable appliance for any kitchen!

One of the quickest ways to add functionality to your kitchen, without needing a lot of space or money, is with a Microwave Oven. Microwaves gives you an easy way to quickly defrost frozen foods, reheat leftovers and even cook entire meals. Microwaves can intelligently pop popcorn without burning it, and cook meat without turning it to rubber like old microwaves.

Abt carries an extensive line of microwave products, including countertop microwaves, built-in microwaves, as well as over-the-range microwaves. For help picking the best microwave for your kitchen, office or dorm, give our sales specialists a call at 888-228-5800.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 338 products

Convection microwaves are becoming a popular alternative to the standard microwave oven. They are a great way to bring qualities of a convection oven and the convenience and size of a microwave to a kitchen. Convection microwaves have a built-in fan which circulates hot air around your food.

Countertop microwaves are the standard microwave oven we are all so used to. They have many great features, but their versatility is probably their most popular feature. Countertop microwaves can be placed on a counter, a shelf, or even built-in when used with a trim kit. They are also the least expensive of all microwave types.

Over-the-range microwaves or microhoods are a great way to combine a range hood and microwave to conserve space. The greatest feature of a micro-hood is they create more free counter space. As opposed to a traditional countertop microwave, the micro-hood requires installation.

Abt offers microwave drawers that are ready to go right out of the box for easy installation. Like micro-hoods, they are great space savers. They have a sleek look and fit completely into drawer space.

Built-in microwaves are another great way to save space in your kitchen. They fit right into a cabinet space. Similar to micro-hoods and microwave drawers, they too must be installed.

When shopping for a microwave, you can find a variety of microwave ovens at Abt Electronics. We carry a a variety of name brand microwaves, like a GE microwave, that will fit your needs.

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