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Amana Microwaves

Amana Microwaves: Budget-Friendly Quick Cookers

When it comes to building a dream kitchen, everyone has an idea of what they want theirs to look like. For some, that's shining stainless steel in every corner you look, and for others, their dream kitchen has appliances that fade into the background behind panel-ready surfaces. Amana believes in making products that will fit your budget and your style. That all starts with some of the most essential kitchen must-haves: things like their microwaves, ranges, and dishwashers.

While these products are designed for the modern home, it's worth noting that their engineers came out with the first countertop microwave oven way back in 1967. Before that, this radar-based technology was only available in cost-exclusive models with sticker prices of what was then $5,000. With their first countertop Radarange version, Amana slashed that price by 90%, making it an instant success for in-home cooking. Ever since then, these experts have been making next-gen kitchen appliances available for any budget.

Made For Everyday Use

What makes these giants of the kitchen unique? It's their multifunctionality. When it's time to pick an Amana microwave to match your unified kitchen aesthetic, keep in mind that these devices are made to target the needs of everyday users. Instead of sacrificing ease-of-use in the name of specialized functions you might only use once or twice, Amana microwaves are built for usability first.

Microblaster chefs will have no trouble programming these cookers thanks to easy-to-understand 10-digit keypads—all you have to do is enter the time your dish needs to heat. This is especially helpful for little ones hoping to heat up a simple afternoon snack or those who rely on frozen meals every once in a while.

A 10-key number pad makes it easy to customize your cook time, but it's not the only tool at your disposal. Amana microwaves are designed with the ability to change cook power, preheat, and even defrost raw meats. Meanwhile, specialized preset functions make it easy to heat up snacks like popcorn or sides like baked potatoes. If you're looking for an easy, healthy side for the evening's dinner, toss a sweet potato in your device for a few minutes—you won't even have to look up the cooking time thanks to this nifty button. And don't forget to stock up on bagged popcorn the next time you're at the store. You'll need it around for the next sleepover or movie night.

Why Go Over-The-Range?

Many Amana microwaves are over-the-range models, taking the classic device off the countertop and placing it over your range. A popular option for smaller homes, these microhoods give users back extra counter space, all while eliminating the need for an expensive range hood. You can even heat food within as you filter air beneath it, making these devices twice as useful.

Microhoods do have one downside—they don't allow filtered air to travel outside the home, as properly ducted hoods do. With help from a grease and/or charcoal filter, these cookers can filter contaminants like smoke, odor, and grease from your kitchen, but they're not as efficient as range hoods. Keep in mind that you should stay on a strict schedule when it comes to filter cleaning and replacement. That way, you can keep your dream home safe and odor-free.

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