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Bosch Microwave Drawers

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Bosch Microwave Drawers: Hidden Convenience, Heightened Style

With the popularity of the open concept kitchen, clean sightlines have become a must-have in the home. Any cluttered tables or crowded countertops can be a roadblock for minimalist trends, encouraging homeowners to keep their islands and counters as clear of small appliances as possible. That means utilizing effective storage solutions and getting creative about where to put kitchen staples like the classic microwave. The need for a high-powered but low-profile heater paved the way for Bosch microwave drawers. Unlike the traditional countertop model, these flexible cookers align flush with your existing cabinetry and can be placed just about anywhere. Install yours above your wall oven, or keep it down low for easy accessibility for everyone in the home. However you style your kitchen, you'll be backed by the unbeatable style and quality of Bosch microwave drawers.

Think Accessibility First

When choosing a brand new appliance, you might not immediately prioritize ease of use. But many folks rank factors like accessibility ahead of features like style and power level. Luckily, Bosch microwave drawers have all three in spades. Install your model in a lower cabinet to create an easy space for kids to zap easy afternoon snacks or make hot cocoa. If your young ones are a bit too little to be trusted around kitchen cookers at the moment, look for a version with a child lock. Those who use mobility aids like canes, crutches and wheelchairs will appreciate a lower placement that rests close to their eye level as well. That way, there's no awkward stretching (and no chance of spilling) when cooking frozen dinners or heating up leftovers. Each model opens and closes with just a touch, ensuring that there's no need to both hold doors open and balance your foods.

Designed for the Modern Home

Multiple power levels and sensor cooking options earn these cookers credit based on heating prowess—but they truly shine in the realm of style. With a flush wall installation, they're almost unnoticeable. That being said, it's hard not to pay attention to their brushed stainless steel trim. Pair yours with a nearby wall oven to complete the collection, or install in a kitchen island across from a dishwasher for a matched set. Stainless steel always looks great in groups and can shine bright in nearly any kitchen, from mid-century modern spaces to boho-chic kitchenettes. If you're cooking something without instructions, your food can come out blazingly hot—or still frozen. Use the sensor cooking option in your Bosch microwave drawer to make sure everything is cooked through just right. With easy-to-read LED displays and controls, you'll never find yourself struggling to program your device.

Need More Help?

Struggling to choose between two different models? Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. Our specialists are backed by decades of experience in the field, and we'll be able to help you narrow down your selection. If you're hoping to learn a bit more before making a purchase, check out our Microwave Buying Guide. You'll learn all the pros and cons of different cooking styles, from over-the-range versions to the classic countertop model.

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