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Ceiling Fans: Low-Effort Airflow

On days when heat swelters and threatens to drive you into the house and away from outdoor fun, you'll need to be ready to combat threats like humidity and even heat stroke. While devices like air conditioners and portable fans are temporary solutions, it's a good idea to invest in a cooler that'll be there for you all four seasons long. Pick out a ceiling fan that matches your style from Abt. These high-speed spinners use cyclonic physics to send cool air all across your space, bringing temperatures down. And thanks to the continual speed and whole-room range of motion, every bit of your space will beat the heat. The best part? They don't take up any square inches of space on the ground, nor do they block your windows with a clunky AC chassis.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

Whether you're in the dog days of summer or just an unusually warm afternoon in the wintertime, overhead ceiling fans are some of the best choices for the planet when it comes to personal cooling. These devices help to aid in evaporative chilling, meaning they work best when the air moves just over our skin and helps us to perspire. That being said, these fans shouldn't be on all the time. As a general rule, they're well known for cooling down humans, not spaces, thanks to that evaporative technology. Keeping them on only when you're in the room and turning them off when you leave helps to conserve energy. And since they already use so much less energy compared to central air units and window air conditioning, these devices are the obvious choice for any home looking to go a little greener.

A Style For Your Home

Since ceiling fans rest above your head, they might not seem like a crucial element of design. But in reality, these overhead spinners can prove to be one of the most welcoming features in a room, pulling together multiple style elements in one piece. They can almost act like chandeliers, especially when combined with bright lighting. Consider a few different aspects of your space before falling in love with a particular ceiling fan. Think about things like size, material, and color, keeping in mind that larger versions actually tend to be more energy-efficient than smaller ones. For a minimalist home with modern lines and lighting, consider a three-bladed version with recessed lighting for a clean profile. That way, the focus will stay on the room itself, but your guest will still notice the clean look (and be grateful for the cool air). Alternatively, look for a model that's more lighting-focused if you're hoping to shed some light on your living area or dining room. Some ceiling fans can hold as many as four light bulbs, ensuring that your space will be as bright as can be. If you're not sure which fan will look best with your home's current design scheme, you don't have to fly solo. Instead, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577, or head into the store to speak to someone in person. We'll help you to compare colors, materials, sizes, and more.

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  • Abt put in a long day to get us a working AC to deal with this hot spell, and they did an excellent job navigating our quirky hundred year old house to install a new high efficiency furnace. Thank you!
    Niki A. - Chicago, IL
    June 10, 2021