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Citizen Women's Watches

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Citizen Women's Watches: Elegant Wristwear for the Modern World

Make a statement at your next event with wristwear from Citizen. But first, conjure an image of a fantastic female idol in your life—these femme fatales don't wear glass-faced and style-free smartwatches, and they don't spend time counting their steps. Instead, they opt for time-honored style with pieces like Citizen women's watches. Shining bezels, bright metallic bands and easy-to-read faces make these pieces the perfect accessory for nearly any ensemble. Wear yours while you're running errands, when you go for a jog, at work, and to formal events. Your Citizen women's watch is ready to go anywhere with you.

Contemporary Metals

Your first-ever timepiece may have sported a bight faux-leather band, but those materials can fray quickly with use thanks to poor materials and abundant friction. That's why our catalog of Citizen women's watches is dominated by bands made from stainless steel and metallic mesh. These materials are designed to stand up to years of wear and tear, ensuring that your everyday accessory stays in near-perfect condition for years to come.

Choose from stylish finishes like rose gold, deep black, classic gold, silver, and combination pieces that combine multiple metals. A gold bezel on a stainless steel band gives off a flexible if elegant style, while a rose gold band paired with a dark black face makes a bold statement. Search for a look that resonates with your everyday style or find a piece for special and formal occasions thanks to mixed-and-matched metals.

And don't worry, leather strap wristwear will never go out of style. Find traditional soft leather bands and silicone versions here as well. Just remember to take care of yours well—leather can damage easily in humid or wet conditions, which is why it's a good idea not to wear it constantly. Try not to get it wet, either, as water and friction together can allow the material to deteriorate.

Battery-Free: The Eco-Drive Difference

Speaking of maintenance, you're probably already dreading the day when you'll need to change the battery. But unlike traditional models and smart versions, Citizen women's watches work differently.

Back in 1976, the engineers behind these rose-gold timepieces were launching a project bigger than next season's styles. Instead, they announced their newest clean energy initiative—wristwear powered by only light. This Eco-Drive technology has been refined and is still used today in nearly every piece they create. And you won't need to leave it in the sunshine for hours, either. Eco-Drive works with any kind of light, whether it's from a fluorescent stick lamp overhead or an incandescent lantern in the bedroom.

Each "charge" is long-lasting, too. On a full charge, a Citizen women's watch can run for weeks, even months—and even in complete darkness. You'll never need to replace the battery and you won't even think about the charging process. It'll happen automatically.

Having a Hard Time Choosing?

With dozens of models available online and from the Abt Time Boutique, finding one that's right for your style will be easy. These accessories make beautiful gifts as well—call one of our specialists at 800-860-3577 or drop by the store if you're having trouble picking out a present for another. Alternatively, do some homework ahead of time and check out our Watch Buying Guide to learn more.

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