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Dacor Wall Range Hoods

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Dacor Hoods for Reliable Ventilation

If you cook on a cooktop or range, you need a range hood. The smoke, steam, odors and grease that cooking inevitably produces can affect your health or leave a slimy film on your kitchen cabinets over time, making it nearly impossible to get them clean. Strong-smelling foods like fish or fried food leave behind an odor that needs more than an open window to be removed from the air. Dacor wall hoods help ventilate these contaminants so you and your loved ones can breathe easy. They clean the air in your kitchen and your home as a whole so you can avoid the embarrassment of having guests over for a party and having them ask what that smell is. With removable, easy-to-clean filters, you can ensure that your hood continues to efficiently remove particles in the air over time. Being able to clean the filter also means you don't have to deal with costly replacements. These Dacor hoods are available in standard wall hood silhouettes as well as chimney styles so you can pick the best fit for your kitchen's layout or cabinet placement. The wall hoods come in various widths like 30" and 48" so you can pick the right side to fit in your cabinets and properly ventilate while you're cooking. As a rule, your range hood should at least be as wide as your range, but having a few additional inches doesn't hurt. With LED lighting under the unit, a properly-sized vent hood will illuminate the cooking surface below so you can ensure everything is prepared correctly. Dacor hoods are built with your convenience in mind: they have built-in Bluetooth connectivity to automatically connect with your Dacor range or rangetop. This is important because your hood needs to already be running before you begin cooking or else it won't be able to properly filter the grease splatters and smoke. Once it's running, you can choose from four speeds to accommodate different dishes and messes. The fan is designed to work quietly so you can still have a conversation or listen to music while you cook.

Dacor Hoods: Where Beauty and Function Collide

While Dacor wall hoods are a great way to keep your home clean, they also act as an accent piece in your kitchen. With silver or graphite stainless steel options available, you can ensure that your new range hood matches the rest of your Dacor appliances. Their subtle shine and durability lends your kitchen a professional look that's sure to impress your friends. If you're looking for the sleekest design possible, the Pro Range hoods are the way to go: their controls are hidden under the hood canopy for a sleek, seamless look. Being able to choose between different styles also lets you pick the model that best fits your kitchen's aesthetic. Proper ventilation is important for your health and to keep your kitchen clean so choosing the right hood is important. We've created a range hood buying guide that breaks down the different hood styles, how they work and their standard features. If you have any questions, reach out to our kitchen experts at 800-860-3577. You can also browse our other Dacor hoods and downdrafts that suit different kitchen layouts.

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