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Count on Your Garmin Portable GPS

A Garmin portable GPS is your loyal companion whether you're driving in an unfamiliar area or looking for the fastest route to get to work. GPS navigation systems are a must in any vehicle thanks to their turn by turn directions for stress-free driving. These devices can also be used in RVs, trucks, on bicycles and more so you always know where you are. Your Garmin GPS will keep you safe and calm en route to your destination. If you're sick of getting to work late after sitting in traffic, consider adding a Garmin portable GPS to your car. These navigation systems feature traffic alerts that offer alternative routes so you can keep moving. There are also alerts for potentially dangerous conditions like sharp curves or sudden speed changes. With built-in WiFi, you can easily update your apps and software without a computer. If you like going on road trips, you'll love the built-in TripAdvisor® functionality to give you ratings of nearby restaurants, hotels, and other attractions.

Certain models even have a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa built-in so you can play music from different streaming services, check the weather or traffic, or create a to-do list for when you arrive home. This voice control capability works in tandem with the built-in voice controls that come standard with your Garmin portable GPS. Say "OK Garmin" to find businesses and route information and ask Alexa for everything else. Truckers on long hauls are often driving out of state or to unfamiliar places. After hours on the road, it's easy to get lost. Add a Garmin GPS for trucks like the Garmin Dezl that is specifically designed to meet the needs of semi-truck drivers. With display sizes ranging from 7" to 10", the large, bright screen is easy to read no matter where you are or what time of day it is. These large displays are easier to read and thus safer to use than trying to see a small smartphone screen. This Garmin portable GPS also has built-in truck routes if you're driving an unfamiliar route. Connect to the Garmin Drive™ app to see truck parking and rest stops on your route.

Guidance Off the Road

There's a Garmin portable GPS for everything, even situations where you're not in a vehicle. Garmin also makes navigation systems for golfers so you can play your best game. These navigators come pre-loaded with thousands of courses worldwide and feature course mapping so you can strategize. You can keep track of and upload your scores in the Garmin Connect™ app to keep things competitive. If cycling is more your speed, Garmin also has an option for you. This navigator has turn prompts so nothing catches you by surprise. If you're on a new trail, you can follow directions to stay safe. Like the golf GPS, this GPS bike computer syncs to the Garmin Connect™ app so you can keep track of your training. Check out our car gps buying guide if you aren't familiar with GPS technology or just need some help choosing a model. If you're looking to add other ways to drive safely, check out our offerings of Garmin dash cams. No matter which Garmin portable GPS you choose, you'll enjoy the feeling of stress-free travel.

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