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Gas Downdraft Cooktops

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Don't let lingering smoke and smells keep you from cooking what you love. Outfit your kitchen with a downdraft cooktop to enjoy clean breathing space in your kitchen and throughout your home even after whipping up your favorite curry dish. A gas cooktop with a downdraft incorporates a ventilation system right into the cooking surface itself, eliminating the need for an overhead hood. Steam, grease, and scents get pulled right into the downdraft cooktop, which then ports them outside to waft away. If your cooking area doesn't have a way to vent outside, you can select a gas cooktop with a downdraft that offers a duct-free kit to filter and recirculate polluted air. You'll get all of the benefits of high powered gas burners and get to watch smoke slide over the lip of your pan, straight into the downdraft of your cooktop. If you don't have room for a range hood, or even if you just don't like the look of them, a gas cooktop with a downdraft is the perfect solution. Upgrade today and you'll wonder why you didn't try a downdraft cooktop sooner!

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  • Everything was great. All went well from ordering to delivery. I remembered Abt from years ago when I lived in Chicago and I'm glad I did. Thank you Abt!
    John R. - Andrews, IN
    February 16, 2021