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Gas Downdraft Cooktops

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Superior Ventilation with Gas Downdraft Cooktops

The cooktop is the workhorse of the kitchen. Whether you're boiling water for pasta, making bacon and eggs for breakfast, or sautéing vegetables for dinner, you probably use your cooktop for nearly every meal. Frying chicken, cooking fish, or occasionally burning dinner means that kitchen smells and smoke will find their way around your house. That's why having proper ventilation for your gas cooktop is a must. Not every kitchen is made for a ventilation hood; you might not be willing to sacrifice cabinet space in a smaller kitchen. Maybe you don't like the aesthetics of a kitchen hood. No matter what the reason is, you still need to have proper ventilation for your gas cooktop. Luckily, Abt carries gas cooktops with downdrafts to offer ventilation that doesn't disrupt your kitchen's aesthetic. Our gas downdraft cooktop offering includes models from JennAir and other top appliance brands. Downdrafts are part of the cooktop so you don't have to make extra space to properly ventilate your kitchen. Grease, smoke, and food odors are pulled into the downdraft, which then pushes these contaminants outside your house to keep your home clean and fresh. They can also gather carbon monoxide that can be emitted from the cooktop so you can breathe safely. Keeping your air clean is important not only for the people in your home but also for your home itself. Oil, grease, smoke, and other residue can build up on kitchen cabinets and walls and, depending on the size of your home, may affect walls or furniture in the room next to your kitchen. If for some reason you can't vent outside, Abt also offers cooktops that are convertible for ductless ventilation; all you have to do is buy the conversion kit. We have the solutions to keep you cooking safely and breathing easily.

Choosing the Right Cooktop

We're certain you'll find the right cooktop for your kitchen no matter what your design preferences are. You can shop standard 30" gas cooktops that fit most kitchens in multiple finishes or, if you have the room, opt for a substantial 36" model. Upgrading to a 36" gas downdraft cooktop gives you a fifth burner and greater flexibility while you cook. The fifth burners are often designated for low heat output for simmering sauce or cooking delicate foods. You can choose between a stainless steel or a black gas downdraft cooktop to complete your kitchen. If you have stainless steel options, you might enjoy the look of having all your appliances match; alternatively, if you have dark counters, you might like the way a black cooktop almost blends in with the surface. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, the right cooktop is essential for any kitchen. To learn more about the different types of cooktops and unique features they offer, peruse our cooktop buying guide. You can also visit our kitchen experts at our retail store or call them at 800-860-3577 with any questions you have. If you're a fan of electric cooking, we also offer electric downdraft cooktops.

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