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Klipsch Center Speaker: A New Dimension of Sound

If you find yourself relying heavily on subtitles to understand what's happening on your TV screen, it's time for a sonic upgrade. Equip your space with a Klipsch center speaker and catch every word of dialogue, every action-packed punch, and each sweeping musical overture that you've been missing. If you're new to the world of home theater, you might be wondering why your home needs an extra speaker at all. Don't TVs already have speakers built-in? The answer is yes, but while screen resolution and color depth have been getting exponentially better, audio quality has taken a dive. That's because modern TVs are extremely thin, and there's simply no space for quality speakers. Remedy that with help from the sound experts at Klipsch.

The Sonic Physics

When it comes to arranging speakers, soundwave physics couldn't matter more, especially with stereo systems. Separate stereo speakers function just like headphones, splitting the audio between a left and a right side. That means you need to catch both sides of the audio to get a complete picture—something that's hard to do if you're not in the "sweet spot" set directly ahead and between the two speakers. The Klipsch center speaker eliminates that roadblock by removing the "sweet spot", instead sending mid-range frequencies forward throughout the room. Audio is fired directly at the listener, sending sonic data (mostly dialogue) that's incredibly crisp, while internal technology like their Linear Travel Suspension tweeters help to keep audio distortion at bay. While these tweeters push any skewed sounds away, their trademarked Tractrix horn sends high-volume sound headed straight at you.

Woofers for Every Budget

Whatever you're searching for in a home theater, there is a Klipsch center speaker that fits your budget. Instead of picking out the biggest one at first glance, dig a little deeper into the details to learn more about your options. Their entry-level Reference models are designed to look stunning and deliver volume; these spun copper woofers deliver a shining aesthetic and a low level of distortion as well. Meanwhile, a jump in price point lets users explore higher-quality builds. The Reference Premier series uses a different material altogether on their woofers called Cerametallic™. The Premier series uses this rigid and lightweight material to deliver low frequencies a subwoofer can normally only achieve.

Go Old School or Modern: Pick Your Finish

Whether you're creating a complete home sound system or just need the basics from your Klipsch center speaker, know that you can customize yours to fit your home's style. Some speakers come in multiple finishes to give your audio setup a classic look (but modern technology). Pick a walnut stain for that traditional rock'n'roll vibe, or opt for a cherry finish for a brighter mood. And for a high-tech look, stick with a neutral black that fades into the background.

A Full Suite of Klipsch Sound at Abt

While center speakers are an integral part of any sound system, they're not the only element you need. (If you're looking for an all-in-one speaker solution, check out our soundbars). Learn more about all the moving parts you should have in a proper audio set-up in our Speaker Buying Guide. If you find a Klipsch center speaker you think you like, head into our store to give it a test drive.

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  • The guys did a great job. I've never had appliances delivered or installed so well or with so much care. THANK YOU!!!
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